According to recent statistics on gaming revenue in the iOS app store specifically, casino games account for some 18.9% of activity (with puzzle games at 21.18%). This is, in part, because there are simply so many games that can be counted in this category. But to give you a sense of this ever-popular corner of the mobile gaming world, here’s a look at some of the most beloved and enjoyable titles:

1 – Jackpot Party Slots

Many look at slot machines purely for the chance to earn money –– which you can’t do in a free app. Nonetheless, Jackpot Party Slots manages to present a thoroughly exciting experience. This app features 200-plus games, roping in the most popular slots and jackpots (like Zeus Slots, Golden Pharaoh, Monopoly Slots, and more) from live and online casinos alike. These slots –– and the wins you get within them –– are presented in incredibly vibrant fashion, such that wins actually feel pretty thrilling. Additionally, the more you win, the more bonuses, free coins, features, and even new games you unlock. In short, you can’t win money, but you can play most of the best slots out there, and enjoy a real sense that your wins matter.

2 – Texas Hold’em Poker: Pokerist

Within the broader casino category, there are seemingly innumerable poker games out there. But Texas Hold’em Poker: Pokerist by Kama Games is considered to be one of the best free mobile poker apps. It’s favored primarily for two reasons: realistic avatar creation and graphics, and strong multiplayer options that allow users to find and chat with their friends. Combined, these features make Texas Hold’em Poker: Pokerist feel like a realistic virtual simulation –– an environment in which the games and socialization both feel real. There are also a few fun features you won’t find in the average poker app –– such as the cheeky “special modes” in which you can start with pocket pairs, peek at opponents’ cards, and more.

3 – PlayWPT

This is another beloved free poker option, and one built on an interesting combination of playfulness and competition. On the playfulness front, the game is populated by cartoonish avatars, and players can use goofy emojis to express themselves during play; background environments for games are also unorthodox, such that a given game might take place in a basketball gym. Regarding competition though, PlayWPT is essentially modeled on pro poker circuits and tournaments, giving players the chance to simulate the high-stakes, large-scale nature of the professional game.

4 – Blackjack Trainer

While the sub-category isn’t quite as big as poker, there are a lot of blackjack apps out there too. As far as we’re concerned though, the Blackjack Trainer app by Bojoko is the best of them. As you might guess from its name, this game teaches blackjack tactics –– from basic rules to how to count cards (which we don’t recommend trying in a real casino!). It’s not as focused on competition or multiplayer features as other casino games, but you do get to play plenty of blackjack in a way that will actually teach you how to win at the game. You’ll review rules and charts, practice strategies, and even get feedback on the decisions you make in-game.

5 – Lucky Win Casino

We’ll wrap up with one of the best all-in-one casino apps out there. Lucky Win Casino thrives on variety, roulette, blackjack, poker, a ton of slots, and all sorts of bonus and jackpot features. For an app that initially feels like a sort of arcade system, it also has surprisingly strong social features. You can play games with your friends over the internet, and even send and receive gifts (like chips and winnings) as you please. Ultimately, it’s not the best of anything –– Jackpot Party Slots has better slot gaming, the poker apps we’ve mentioned excel more at poker, and so on. But for those who want a full casino experience in a single app, it’s an excellent one to look at.

That said, while casino-style games can be highly immersive and enjoyable, they’re still best played with a level head. To make the most of your mobile experience, learn how to keep control when playing casino games. This includes remembering to enjoy your wins, understand that winning isn’t a given, and that you need boundaries when you play. With these, you’re much more likely to make the most of every experience with your good mood intact. With practice, these mobile casino-style games can be a fun (and possibly lucrative) way to make the hours fly by!

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