Ever wondered what some of the most expensive homes in the world look like from the inside? Whatever you’ve already imagined the interiors to be, triple that and add rooms for things you’ve never heard off. Let’s take a look at a few buildings to find out what’s inside! 

The Antilia, Mumbai

This high-rise building in Mumbai (India) is quite quirky looking from the outside. With multiple layers of contrasting architectural forms, it catches the eye of anyone within a range of sight. The building is over 400,000 square feet, so there’s plenty of rooms to decorate. The Antilia building was designed by architecture firms Perkins + Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. Both firms have realized the interior for the Mandarin Oriental in New York which impressed the client to the extent that they were hired for the job. Inside, the building has as many as nine elevators, a recreational park spread across two floors, elaborate woodwork and dozens of highly decorated rooms. 

The Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco 

Estimated at a price tag of $387 million, the Odeon Tower Penthouse in Monaco ranks amongst the most expensive estates in the world. For this money, you have access to a 35,500 square feet penthouse spread over several floors. Count on a private infinity pool with water slide, 8 bedrooms and open views over the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. The Odeon Tower penthouse is an uncompromising statement of luxury and a true paragon of modern interior design. 

The Kloof Ana House, Johannesburg 

In the midst of the affluent enclave of Bedfordview in Johannesburg (South Africa) stands luxury The Kloof Ana House. This dark and steel estate offers extravagance aplenty and gives the impression of a fortified retreat filled with excessive luxury. Its lines are stark and its walls rigid. Yet the overall emotion of the building breathes tranquility and peace. Inside, concrete walls and floors dominate the estate, combined with dark finishes and modern furnishing. The house is fully provided with an entertainment room to host the ultimate casino night. 

Farm House Residence, Gerroa 

The fields of Gerroa along the shore of New South Wales (Australia) are home to the impressive farm House Residence. Inspired by the simplistic lines of coastal sheds, this concrete giant immerses into the land while providing enough intrigue to want to look inside. (Diazepam) The modern contemporary house was designed by Fergus Scott and plays with spatial experiences – breaking the rules of dimension and forwarding a new way of living. The outside deck seamlessly flows into inside dining while the wooden panels elongate the linear spaces in the estate. The entrance of the building resembles the welcoming façade of a resort-style hotel, welcoming any guest with open arms. 

Oak Pass Residence, Beverly Hills  

In search of some of the most expensive and beautiful homes in the world, Beverly Hills is deemed to close the list. Oak Pass Residence is one of many million-dollar estates in the hills surrounding Los Angeles, but certainly one to mention. Resembling the mid-century case study house designs, Oak Pass Residence is an homage to the clean lines, glass walls and wooden paneling of 1950’s design. The interior has been kept simplistic and understated to emphasize the breathtaking architecture of the residence. 

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