If you’re a pedestrian, you have a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries or even death when you meet with motor vehicle accidents. As per records from the NHTSA, 18% of all road fatalities in the year 2019 were pedestrians. In the year 2019, it was seen that an average of 80,000 pedestrians were injured and this estimate increased from the same time in the year 2018. Pedestrians who were injured accounted for 3% of the total people who were injured in the year 2019. 

Are you someone who has been injured in a pedestrian accident? If yes, are you aware of the rights that you’re entitled to? Are you aware of the steps that you should take after a pedestrian accident? Before you hire Las Vegas pedestrian accident lawyers, here are a few steps that you should keep in mind. 

  • Get yourself medically treated

When you are the pedestrian and you’ve sustained injuries in an accident with a vehicle, you will be the one to suffer. Hence, the first step to take is to get yourself medically treated. Getting medical help is not just vital for your health but is also necessary for the personal injury claim that you may file later on. Remember the fact that even if you feel you were not injured seriously, it is always wise to see a doctor. Waiting too long can diminish the chances of filing a claim.

  • Search for a lawyer who is an expert in pedestrian accident claims

Seeking legal help is also another equally important step to take. These accidents are critical and can lead to life-altering consequences. Hence, working with a lawyer who specializes in these claims is vital. Such a lawyer can walk you through the entire legal procedure and help you receive the much-deserved compensation. 

  • Gather as much proof as you can

Being injured as a pedestrian, the next vital step to take is to gather evidence. You have to gather as much evidence as you can. Click pictures of the entire scene, collect the contact details of the eyewitnesses, and retain the records of all medical expenses and other losses that you incurred as a result of the accident. 

  • Hire a lawyer who can build a solid case and make you win

Once you’re involved in a pedestrian accident, you may feel unsure and overwhelmed about the next steps to take. This is when you may think of hiring a personal injury lawyer. There are complicated legal steps involved in filing a lawsuit. You may not be able to tackle them, being a layman. Hence, it is best to appoint a lawyer who is capable of building a solid case and helping you gain the compensation that you deserve. 

So, now that you’re wondering about the ways in which you should react after a pedestrian accident, keep all the above-mentioned points in mind. Seek medical attention and then ask for legal help from a lawyer.

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