Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing market that has been creating a lot of buzz among investors and traders all over the world. The crypto industry is an increasingly volatile place to be in, particularly when it comes to gambling. With the market value of cryptocurrency fluctuating dramatically day-to-day, sometimes week-to-week, new players are finding the industry to be just as complex as traditional online gambling. In fact, it is not so. There are many Australian Bitcoin online casinos with quite straightforward policies, so there is absolutely nothing complex about them. Let’s check what the cryptocurrency industry has to offer, how fast it evolves, and what to expect from it in the future.

Cryptocurrency Industry Today

It is common for people who are new to online gambling and cryptocurrency to feel intimidated by the market, which makes the whole gambling industry difficult for new customers to navigate and understand. Gambling and cryptocurrency are two distinctly different products that have little in common, but they can bring a lot of benefits when together. Gambler anonymity, data safety, high transaction speed, and minimal fees – these are some of the good things about cryptocurrency gambling. (Zolpidem) What is more, some casinos treat their players with special bonuses if they deposit digital money into their gaming accounts. 

Crypto gambling and the blockchain allow for a safer and easier way of using this technology than what we can do currently. Cryptocurrency is more secure as it is stored on a secure and transparent blockchain network that can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world. Furthermore, blockchain technology allows for the use of cryptocurrencies as a form of money, as they are also decentralized and, for this reason, users can freely move their money anywhere in the world. With all this in mind, it is no wonder why cryptocurrency gambling is so popular among many.

In 2018, the total volume of gambling transactions worldwide totaled $3.5 trillion. In the same year, the cryptocurrency reached a value of $8.6 trillion. This means that gambling transactions are expected to grow by nearly a factor of 20. This trend is driven not only by the ever-growing demand for gambling products but also by the need for a transparent blockchain, which does not give the authorities any information. ( And while the industry is still in its infancy, it has been estimated that by the end of 2022, the gambling market will be worth more than $565 billion. And almost 50% of transactions between gambling platforms and their customers will be done with bitcoins. In the future, gambling could even be available for your everyday smart device as well.

“In a world where the majority of people feel that they have no personal identity, it’s hard to imagine that people won’t seek an alternative to traditional financial systems,” said James Walpole, co-founder, and co-CEO of the British gambling company Amusement, whose blockchain project was listed on Nasdaq. “The ability to bet on things like your favorite footballer, team and even the weather could be the perfect tool to help us all forge a personal connection.”

Despite the rise of blockchain gambling, most countries still prohibit online gambling. The U.S. government, for example, still classifies online gambling as illegal, but a number of states, such as Nevada and Delaware, already offer an exception. According to the American Association of Gambling Operators, blockchain technology is already being used to enhance current online gambling systems, such as the online version of roulette. Blockchain technology can also help to create more secure games, a more transparent online gambling environment, and even the creation of new legal forms of gambling that can be played and paid for with crypto.

What Is the Future of Crypto Gambling?

As technology becomes more advanced, it may be possible to eventually make blockchain-based gambling available in almost every country on the planet. And when this happens, it will not only have a significant impact on the gambling industry but also on how we think about spending our time online. Gambling could even be a way to help us learn how to be more self-aware and responsible with how we manage our time and our money.

Recent research results indicate that crypto gambling is set to eclipse the US as the world’s second-largest gambling market. Crypto gambling already generates millions of dollars in online revenues in the US, and the potential for this is set to expand significantly over the next five years.

The crypto gambling industry is already a big player in the US, with over half of the states now having a crypto gambling law and regulated by some form of lottery body. The UK is also moving to adopt a regulated framework for online gambling and is considering whether to adopt a similar model to the US. According to research data, the US is already leading the way in this field with 20 states set to roll out their own crypto gambling laws. The UK has announced its intention to enact legislation to regulate the sector.

Final Say!

Many people in the crypto community are already familiar with crypto gambling due to the prevalence of P2P networks and their popularity amongst players. However, the majority of current players do not fully understand the benefits and risks associated with these networks and what is actually happening when they play.

The key benefits of crypto gambling include the fact that it is not tied to a single currency and can be traded or bet anywhere in the world at the click of a button. There are also a number of crypto gambling networks that offer free play and free bets that can be used in one currency, instead of the user having to manage multiple currencies. There is no credit card charge for crypto gambling, and it is typically cheaper than traditional gambling platforms. There are way more benefits to add to the list.

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