In Detroit, Michigan, there are a handful of adult entertainers, and the majority tend to be women. Well, a select group of friends wanted to do something about that and bring the experience on the opposite spectrum for women as well. Why would you want to hire a stripper for a party? Well, there may be someone there out of your circle of friends who just needs a good pick-me-up in order to give a confidence boost. At the same time, you get an experience that is out of this world and a little bit naughty at the same time.

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What Are Their Influences?

Almost everyone in the country has seen the popular movie “Magic Mike”. Just like in the movie, you get a team of friends who are traveling to bring adult entertainment to parties and the references don’t stop there. They can even mimic routines that you see in the movie, and has practiced them very well to bring you that experience for real. There aren’t that many strippers that can literally dedicate their routines to cover someone’s like this. Just like a rock band covering another song, you can have a great experience right in front of you behind closed doors.

Is Being a Male Stripper Illegal?

Fortunately, male strippers are not illegal, and neither are private male strippers. Both public and private strippers are legal as long as you and everyone at a party is 18 or older. That’s because they want to give you an experience that you’ve never seen before, and just to be safe, they do have to practice common laws when it comes to naughty bits.

What About the Price?

Majesty Male Strippers can be pretty expensive, but the good thing is that you don’t have to float the bill alone so click here to find out the details. Majesty offers a one of a kind opportunity for everyone at a party to chip in and give you that time to organize the arrangement. Don’t forget to get ahold of some change as well (1 dollar bills are actually fine) so you can give plenty of tips for a male stripper for putting themselves out there for you.

What Kind of Parties Does Majesty Bring Their Talent To?

Literally every party can be brought to life by hiring a male stripper. Some male strippers have even been known to incorporate adult toy parties, candle parties, and yes, even your tea party (with a more unorthodox cup of tea brought to the table of course). Because of this diversity, male strippers are able to attend literally any type of party and bring you a fun time, which is something that some teams just don’t pharmacy prescription)


The guys on Magic Mike don’t have anything on this group of guys that make up Majesty Male Strippers. By being close friends, they have the tools and the experience, plus the comradery necessary to give you the ultimate experience of a lifetime with a fun filled fantasy you can end up with being fulfilled.

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