Just 40 days to go for Christmas and you’re probably gearing up with your shopping-spree. If you’re new to college or dating someone who is in college, you will definitely want to know certain christmas gifts you could buy. Assuming that boys are not great at choosing presents, we have made a list of gifts for college girls. You can even bring them to the South’s Grandest Christmas Show. This show promises to be the most outstanding of the Myrtle Beach vacation and holiday experience. It would be a perfect time to give them one of the gifts we listed below.

Best gifts for college girls sorted

Here are the gifts for college-bound students that will not only suit your budget but also make your partner happy. Check them out and choose your pick:

1. Sherpa blankets with electric heating

Since it is already December and cold too, it is time we all love to cover ourselves with cozy, warm blankets. Referring to the season, do you know about a Sherpa blanket? Well, it is a blanket that comes with advanced technology and electrical heating features. So, you can regulate the amount of heat you want at a particular time. Holiday evenings on the couch are now sorted. You have to switch on the television, wrap yourself with a Sherpa blanket, and there you are. The feeling is heavenly and the list of college girl gifts 2019 cannot have a better start.

2. Alpaca socks for the ultimate warm feeling

Do you feel that gifting a pair of socks might seem to cliché? Well, it may be so, but you know what? College girls love layers, and so a pair of Alpaca socks will be one of the most thoughtful gifts for college girls. Fashion during college days is more carefree and experimental, and a new pair of socks is a good addition to the wardrobe. Most of the time, merino wool is the most favorite choice for woolens. However, the fact is that Alpaca proves to be even better. They give you more warmth and keep your feet from drying. (www.easyvet.com) Also, they are soft and anti-allergenic.

3. Foam pillow for a backrest with supportive memory

College life means a lot of studying, projects, and late-night movies. A backrest pillow works like a blessing during these times. Such backrest supports the spine and keeps away back pain due to those late hours. It has several advanced features and so improves your posture too. It helps you get rid of anxiety and stress from the back and neck muscles.

4. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are gaining more popularity these days and are also one of the ideal gifts for college girls. You do not even have to think twice before just gifting this one. A college girl is going to use it throughout because it is so comfortable. The other benefits of a weighted blanket are that it keeps you warm, reduces anxiety and stress, improves the quality of sleep, and enhances your mood. The fact is you are fresh and happy if you sleep well, and this blanket is going to help you achieve that. Moreover, if you are unable to decide on what size and weight to choose, you need just a rough estimation. Purchase the one that feels around ten %of your body weight, and you are sorted.

5. Heating pads that can vanish tension in the muscles

There is a common problem with girls, and that is cold feet. There are days when even socks are of no good at all. The outside is chilly. Moreover, inside the house, you do not want to carry the blanket all around with you. Now it is time that you use one of these heating pads that will warm your feet as well as the back. Isn’t that one of the best gifts for college girls? Also, the application of heat soothes muscles and tissues, thus relaxing your body.

6. Giant and chunky knitted throw

Deciding gifts for college girls and you forget this is quite impossible. Any girl is going to love a chunky, cozy throw to wrap themselves. They are not just beautiful, but super-comfortable too. Besides, if you want to show your skillful side, you can go for a DIY too.

7. Rechargeable electric toothbrush

our good old toothbrushes have got a makeover done, and here you have the electric toothbrushes. Now you know how important oral hygiene and health care with the invention of such technology. Well, they are not just some of the best gifts for college girls, but anyone close to you. College girls are usually more conscious about health and hygiene and so they would love it. Moreover, they are quite expensive, so a lot of girls would not be able to afford it, so gifting it becomes a great option.

8. Sleep-time body lotion

College girls are very conscious about skincare, fashion, and health and are ethical consumers. Therefore, they are picky and choosy about what brands they buy. So, one of the ideal gifts for college girls is giving them cosmetics for winter skincare. Also, youngsters are now big fans of herbal and hand-made products so that you may find some of that category. You will find a wide range of herbal night-care products online and offline. The most important task is, however, deciding which one is the best.

9. Therapy lamps to elevate your mood

Winters are gloomy at times, and happy lights make things much better. There is a reason why these are named as therapy lamps. It is because winters are a time when our houses lack natural lights, and these lamps somewhat compensate for the pain. Often college-goers and students face seasonal depression or disorders when the weather is gloomy and too cold. The therapy lamps can help them keep away the stress and thus elevates the mood. Besides, the main purpose of gifting is to make a person happy, and what could be better college girl gifts 2019?

10. Fitness tracker bands

Modern technology oozes out from every corner nowadays, and the fitness bands are available around now. Especially when we are looking for gifts for college girls, fitness can be a considerable category for sure. As said earlier, fitness and fashion are what attract youngsters the most. Anything that is associated with the technology is a cherry on the cake. Not just because it is in trend, but exercising regularly makes a person more attentive, and it also enhances memory. So, students must indulge in some physical activity regularly, and a fitness band will help them keep track of the progress.

11. Bathing sets

If you want to know what a young girl wants, she wants loads of skincare and makeup products. How about gifting her with bathing set with colorful and fragrant soaps? One, girls love bright things, and other beauty products will attract girls always. You will find several brands that offer varieties of hand-made soaps and perfume sets, and you can choose what you find the best from these.

12. Multi-purpose lap desk

Now let us talk about some real utility because a college student usually spends a lot of time doing table-work. By the work, we also mean working on laptops, and so it becomes difficult at times to keep the laptop on the bed and bend to do the work. At other times, we also lie down to become more comfortable. None of these are comfortable or proper ways to work. For the ultimate comfort, gift a college-goer a lap desk. It will work as a laptop stand or a table for the home-work too. Well, you must be a little extra thoughtful at times.

13. Unbreakable bottles or hydro flasks

The best part about a hydro flask is that it is a one-time investment and, therefore, reusable. College girls are usually not financially stable and survive mostly on pocket money. A small measure, such as using a reusable bottle, makes a lot of difference. It is quite a lot of savings if calculated in the long run. Also, they are so hard that no matter how much you use them, they will not break at all. Besides, hydro flasks are completely eco-friendly, unlike plastic bottles that pollute the environment.

14. Warmer machines for coffee mugs

College goers are working almost throughout the day, and late-nights are common. Coffee becomes like a best friend during those cold nights of long lessons and lots of tasks. Making your coffee is already a task, and if that gets cold even before you drink, it is frustrating. Students are completely messed up with projects and preparations, and a coffee warmer plate is an ideal gift. It is something that they will be able to use regularly and is an indirect way of gifting someone comfort.

15. Laptop briefcase

Now that we have already entered the digital era, laptops are our companions wherever we go. Especially college-goers have it all there in their laptop memories. Writing has become old-fashioned, and typing is the new cool. Since laptops are to be carried daily, you must let your children have something for safe transit of laptops from one place to another. A laptop tote will be one of the most amazing gifts for college-bound students. The best part is that these bags are extremely fashionable too. What more, you can even use these bags after college or at work too.

16. A smart backpack

Backpacks are required for regular use for college students, and gifting them one makes a lot of sense. A pretty and smart backpack in a bright color is going to cheer up a college girl for sure. Try to choose bright colors such as yellow, pink, orange, red, and more because girls love bright hues.

17. Duffel bags

Let us shift over to some stylish gift options next, and the first one in the list will be a chic duffel bag. Suppose your daughter is asking for your permission because she wants to go for a weekend trip with her girlfriends, and you won’t let her. Think about it and surprise her with a ‘yes’ for her trip along with a duffel bag. How can she not be happy about such a surprise?

18. Flannel shirt

In this article, we are talking about the best Christmas gifts for college students, so we must keep in mind the chilly season too. a flannel shirt never runs out of fashion when winter clothing is concerned. So, without wasting much time, search online for some of the good brands and buy her a nice and comfortable flannel shirt that will help her keep warm. Also, try to go for smart and stylish patterns on warm colors.


19. Letterboards

If you did not know, message boards are in fashion now, and young girls love to have one in their apartment or rooms. Give them one, and before wrapping, it mentions a colorful message on the board for some brownie points and a wider smile. The mini letter boards are fun to fill, and some things are so girly that you do not need to think twice before purchasing it for the princess.

20. A Kindle cannot go wrong

There are college girls who love to read, and the Christmas season is perfect for tucking into the bed with a favorite book. So, when proper books are becoming old-fashioned, Kindle is the new cool. There are advantages in this case too. A Kindle is a one-time investment, and you get so many books in one place. So, you can now take a break from purchasing books every month. Just gift her a Kindle once and for all.

Final thoughts

Young people are mostly unsure about what they want in life and so choosing gifts for them is quite a task too. There is always confusion about whether the charity you select will match their tastes and mood or not. Your responsibility will become a little more comfortable with the above list now.

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