In many countries, people celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October, they celebrate them by wearing different costumes and by sharing treats and giving candies to kids. At the beginning of October, the Halloween parties started so every boy and girl want a new costume for a new party and they want to look different from each other. In this article, I will provide you with some new ideas for easy Halloween costumes for women.

Easy Halloween Costumes for Women

Without wasting time let’s start our topic easy Halloween costumes for women below I shared some unique and gorgeous dresses and ideas for girls so let’s start.

1: Bunch Of Grapes

A bunch of grapes is a very unique and funny costume for girls and boys it is for both boys and girls it is consists of some balloons and on the head, we can wear heat which is made of leaves.

2:Cereal Killer Costume

Take a white shirt and put hot sauce and tomato ketchup also put some cereals on it and your cereal killer costume is ready to wear this is also for both boys and girls.

3: Quick Victoria Costume

Quick victoria is one of the unique gorgeous and hot costumes. It is only for girls it is just a short dress with attached angel wings but due to its white color, it looks very hot. 

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4: Angel and Devil Costume

This costume is for couple or two friends one can wear the angel costume while the other one can wear devil costume it is a gorgeous costume for Halloween.

5: Magician and Rabbit Costume

On the fifth place, we saw a couple costume and it is very famous in couples in this form one of them wear rabbit costume but mostly time girl wear a rabbit costume while the boy wear a magician costume.

6:Velma Costume:

This one is taken from a cartoon which is scooby doo, this costume is especially for girls it consists of black glasses orange shirt and socks and red shoes if two besties want to wear it then the other one can wear a Dapnie dress which is mostly purple.

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