How much does the president make

The Austrian Federal President is the head of state of the republic. For this reason, the salary in this office is the highest among all politicians. The President’s compensation is paid 16 times a year. Alexander van der Bellen, who has held this position for six years since his repeated election , receives, like all other employees, a gross wage on which taxes are payable.

Salary: How much does the Austrian President earn?

The gross wage of the Austrian Federal President in 2021 is 25,332 euros per month. According to the gross net calculator, that’s 13,241.17 euros net.

There is also vacation pay and Christmas bonus – in contrast to “normal” employees, these special payments pay quarterly (= 4x per year) and not in June and November.

The Federal Chancellor entitle to holiday pay of EUR 22,062.98 net and EUR 18,821.71 net Christmas bonus.

This results in an annual salary of 354,648 euros gross or 199,778.73 euros net.

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The politician salary in comparison

In an international comparison, the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, Alexander van der Bellen, is in the absolute top field with his gross salary – even ahead of the American President.

Currently acting President of the USA, Joe Biden earns “only” 330,000 euros gross per year (= 400,000 dollars) and thus 24,000 euros less than Alexander van der Bellen.

Incidentally, the head of state with the officially highest salary in the world is that of Singapore. Lee Hsien Loong earns a proud $ 1.7 million a year.

Calculation of politician salaries in Austria

The salaries of Austrian politicians are set by law. Based on the salary of a member of the National Council (= starting amount), there are calculation keys for the various offices in the state.

However, The Federal President earns 280% of the starting amount of a member of the National Council. This starting amount is 9,228 euros gross per month.

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