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Becoming a real estate agent: everything you need to know

Choosing to undertake the profession of real estate agent is an important decision: it is a central role in the management of the sale of a fundamental asset such as the house and entering a complex market such as the current one, a broker must have a series of skills that can make him capable, competent and trustworthy.

But, in practice, how do you become a real estate agent? What skills do you need to have, and what qualifications do you need to take up this position? This dedicated guide wants to answer these questions, providing all the necessary information to those who wish to pursue a career in the real estate field.

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Who is a real estate agent?

First of all, it is good to start by defining the role of a real estate agent, as it regulates by Italian law.

The business agent in real estate mediation is a mediation figure who puts two or more parties about conclude a deal without being linked to any of them by relationships of collaboration, dependence or representation. This means that a real estate agent does not take the parts of either the buyer or the seller but acts as an intermediary and takes care of supporting in the process of promotion and sale in the case of the seller and in that of visiting the properties and buying in the case of the part that believes. In this, the personal interests of the agent do not come into play, but only his professionalism and ability to be the best support to meet everyone’s needs.

The requirements for exercising the business

To work as a real estate agent, some objective requirements are deemed necessary to take up the profession:

holding a high school diploma. In some real estate agencies, obtaining a degree may be a preferential requirement, but a degree is generally sufficient.

Attend a compulsory professional training course, with the consequent passing of the relative written and oral exam at the Chamber of Commerce. This exam allows you to obtain the license as a real estate agent, an essential requirement for practising the profession

registration in the business register or the economic and administrative news repertory (REA), at the Chamber of Commerce

The personal requirements

To become a real estate agent, however, not only are professional and educational skills enough, but it is also necessary to respond to a specific character and personal profile to be entirely suitable for carrying out the profession. These characteristics are not a requirement considered fundamental by law, but they constitute a preferential element in an interview to work in a real estate agency.

The real estate agent works in contact with the public and, for this reason, must be available, kind and cordial. Always ready to answer the doubts of the customers. And to solve the problems that can create during the buying and selling process. The ability to listen and empathy of a real estate agent is essential since the house is an asset to which a significant emotional weight is also linked. Therefore, being able to get in touch with customers even on a personal level is essential.

In addition to good interpersonal skills. It is also essential to have solid sales and promotion skills, both of oneself. Since it is a strength of a real estate agent to show himself worthy of trust and respect. And the properties entrusted to his mediation.

The moral requirements

Finally, since it is a professional job, to be able to fill the role of a real estate agent. The following moral requirements must respects :

not having subject to anti-mafia regulations

And not subject to ancillary administrative sanctions

, not ban, incapacitated, bankrupt. Convicted of crimes and any other offence for which the law provides for a prison sentence of not less than two years and a maximum of five years

The latter type of requirements is verified by the Chamber of Commerce when you request to register.

Become a real estate agent through the franchise model

The Dove. The franchising model for a real estates agent allows you to be an agent with a real estate agency. That collaborates to obtain various advantages.

Through this model, it is possible to delegate essential activities such as creating photos and property advertisements. Managing incoming calls, and finding new appraisal appointments.

This model also provides the possibility of having dedicated training and always up-to-date sales news . How to become a real estate agent? With!
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