How to clean tv screen?

TVs have always occupied the most central position in the living room of modern houses, so they must be beautiful, and the design of the TV wall is also an essential part of the interior decoration. TV screens must be cleaned regularly to make them look clean and shiny, free of dust, fingerprints, dirt, and grime in household cleaning. However, LCD and LED TV screens are susceptible to chemicals and moisture to clean tv screen. Unlike the brave old TVs that can be wiped with a damp cloth and glass cleaner, LCD TVs need to be cleaned with extra care. Cleaners containing chemical substances may damage LCD and LED screens. This is the same for electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In addition, not all fabrics can be used to wipe LED and LCD screens because they may leave scratches.

If you want to learn how to clean the TV screen without searching the Internet, just read this article. I put all the cleaning tips together and designed the decomposition steps to complete them quickly. There are also reminders for the use of detergents and fabrics.

How to clean tv screen

Step 1: Unplug the TV

First, unplug the TV and turn off the screen to completely blank the screen. Not only is it safe, but all kinds of dirt can also be illuminated.

Step 2: How to clean the TV screen

Use a delicate cloth (the cloth used to wipe computers, camera lenses, glasses, etc.) to clean the screen. This cloth is very light and will not cause scratches and damage when rubbed hard.

Step 3: How to clean the LCD TV screen and remove fingerprints

If you find that fingerprints are difficult to clean, please wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth.

Note: If you plan to use a TV screen cleaner, please read the label carefully to ensure that this can is specially made for LED and LCD TVs and will not damage the screen material. Do not spray it directly on the TV. It will help if you spread it on a muslin cloth before wiping the screen.

Step 4: Surface drying

After wiping the LCD screen with a damp cloth, please tap the screen dry with a dry cloth. After brushing, you must dry again. Otherwise, the net will strip after it dries, which looks like there no clear, and it will ruin your viewing experience. Do not use paper towels, toilet paper, kitchen paper towels, etc., as these may leave fluff and crumbs on the surface of the TV screen.

Step 5: Clean the LED TV corner

Dirt and dirt tend to accumulate in the corners of LED and LCD TV screens. Pay attention to the groove between the frame and the screen. You can use a dry cotton swab to wipe off the dust.

Step 6: Clean the wall behind the TV

Don’t forget to remove the dust behind the TV (between the TV and the wall). This dirt will also affect the function of the TV over time. You can wipe the area with a muslin cloth. If the TV wall-mounted and challenging to disassemble easily, you should ask friends, neighbors, or family members to remove it. Take this opportunity to wipe the wall and the back of the TV once and for all, and then reinstall it.

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