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How To Cut A Watermelon?

One of the most likable and popular fruits that people relish throughout the globe is watermelon. How to cut a watermelon It helps in hydrating the body and improves heart health. It’s well known to relieve muscle soreness and lower inflammation. It is a majestic reward of summers that beat the heat quite effectively. 

Exciting Ways to Cut Watermelon

No matter whether watermelon is large or small, you can serve it in a variety of exciting ways. All these ways depend on the cutting of watermelon. It is such a fruit that it is cut in lots of creative ways. Let us view some of the impressive methods to cut the watermelon.

Watermelon Sticks

One of the most common ways of cutting a watermelon is to cut it in the form of sticks. Take a knife and slice the watermelon quite nicely. Cut it into half end-to-end. Now, place this half cut-side down and cut the pieces lengthwise to get the slices of one inch. The crosswise slice with one-inch wideness is obtained. Now, repeat the procedure with the other half. 

Round Cut Watermelon

Take the knife and slice the watermelon in a crosswise manner. You will get the one-inch rounds. These slices would be the round-cut watermelon for which you can use different types of toppings such as yogurt or fruits. These would seem like watermelon pizzas. 

Watermelon Stars How to cut a watermelon

It is a highly attractive and creative cutting not only for kids but also the adults. Take the knife to cut the slices of watermelon. Now, take the star-shaped cookie cutter and place it over the watermelon slices. Press it over the watermelon, and you will get the watermelon stars. Place these in the serving dish and relish.

Watermelon Wedges

The wedge-shaped watermelon seems quite adorable and pleasing. Take the knife to cut them lengthwise. Cut it in half and then cut both the halves in a lengthwise manner. Make the quarters and now slice them crosswise to get the watermelon wedges.

Watermelon Balls

The most incredible and exciting way of cutting a watermelon is watermelon balls. In this method, you need to take the assistance of a melon baller. Take a knife and cut the watermelon into two halves. Now, take the melon baller for taking the watermelon scoops out of it. Take out as many scoops as you like from the flesh of the watermelon and serve it in a bowl.  

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Watermelon Cubes

Cut the watermelon into two halves and then it into slices. Now, cut the peel with the help of a knife from all the slices. Cut these peeled watermelons into larger slices and then divide these into three or multiple pieces. You will get the cubes of the watermelon, which you can relish with the fork. It is an excellent cutting method for making the watermelon salad or serving it on the stick. 


Watermelon is a popular fruit that is quite easy to cut. It is super easy to cut it into minutes. Cut it in the desired way and make the recipes out of it. You can serve it as such and get the health outcomes. 



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