How to cut your own hair

To cut your hair yourself, you need the right tools of the trade

Before proceeding with a cut at home, cut your own hair you need to have all the tools you need to make sure you do a great job:

  • professional and specific scissors with sharp and precise blades. Those with a straight edge to cut the hair, while those with an integrated comb if you need to thin them;
  • a comb to divide the hair impeccably and smooth it at its best: both those in wood and those in plastic that are narrower or with a pointed handle;
  • clips or clips to collect the various locks so that you can focus on a limited portion of hair and proceed step by step;
  • elastic, necessary to carry out some basic steps of different cuts, especially those that involve scaling;
  • spray water to keep your hair moist because if you need to cut, it needs to be wet, unless you need to create or shorten the bangs.

Here are five different ways to create haircuts, thin them, scale them, or make a bang.

1. Make the bangs

Collect a portion of hair that is not too full-bodied, then pour it forward, over the forehead.

At this point, comb it well and moisten it a little, without exaggerating, hold it between your fingers, then make a half-turn like a twist and start cutting. Try not to go up too much, to avoid it being too short: it is better to make it longer and intervene two times to fix it without causing irreparable damage. Thanks to this technique, our fringe will be slightly longer on the sides and not straight and even on the entire forehead for a softer and less decisive look.

2. Shorten the bangs

In this case, it is better to act on dry hair and go on the fringe hairdryer and plate.

Carefully comb the bangs and use the comb as a ruler to be able to remove and shorten them appropriately: at this point, start at the middle of the nose – in the central area – and proceed towards a corner, up to the left eyebrow, and then towards the opposite one. At this point, you should have got a shorter styled fringe. If you are not satisfied and want it even quicker, repeat the process.

3. Shorten the hair

If you desire to shorten the hair, for example, going from an extended cut to a medium haircut, such as a long bob, start by tying the hair in a rear tail, add a second elastic to identify the point beyond which you can cut.

To get a slightly longer cut in front, pull your hair behind your ears. If you prefer an even hairstyle, avoid this step.

At this point, cut just below your elastic.

After drying them, you can thin the tips slightly, using a comb as a limit beyond which not to rise to a more natural, less clean, and geometric cut.

4. Scaling the hair cut your own hair

If you want to make a layered cut, starting with long or better-long hair. You will have to make an exceptionally pulled tail. And pour it on the forehead. Comb it carefully. Position the scissors vertically and proceed with the cut. But working only on the tips and in a delicate way. Without making sharp and essential cuts. It is meticulous and precise work that focuses. On the final part of the hair to avoid excessive results. And obtain a uniform and light scaling.

5. Remove split ends cut your own hair

If your need is to act on the ends of the hair. Eliminating split ends. Divide the hair into locks and on each of these, proceed as follows: pass the comb over them, smoothing them as much as possible. Keep them still between your fingers. And with the help of scissors. To position vertically and never horizontally. Cut the tips in a rather casual and rapid way. To ensure a natural effect and avoid finding yourself with a clean and overly geometric cut.

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