Have you ever wondered if you’re destined to remain single, or maybe thought that somewhere in the world, at this very second, your future soulmate is doing something, totally unaware that she will one day cross paths with you and that single event will ignite a lifelong passion. It might be an introduction by a friend, a chance encounter at a bus stop or she happens to be driving the car you rear-ended (it has happened).

Failed relationships

What can we do when a relationship doesn’t work out? Well, we can learn from it; on reflection, and with total honesty, was there anything you could have done to avoid the termination? Relationships are all about give and take; sometimes a break-up is down to lack of communication, or one party had excessive expectations. If you have had several serious relationships that haven’t stood the test of time, that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you; sometimes a relationship comes to a natural end, like a piece of string with a flame at both ends.

Honesty is the best policy

The best possible advice we can offer on romantic relationships is to always be honest; if a girl tells you she loves you and you’re not sure about your feelings, tell her you like her and would like to get to know her better. Think about it like this, two people get to know each other and if that early part of the relationship is based on untruths, you are trying to build a tower on sand. How could you expect the relationship to blossom when real feelings are masked and neither party is completely honest about certain things? Take her to the adult shop and gauge her reaction, she’ll probably wink and smile!

Dating apps & Internet sites

Create a bio and while you want to put your best foot forward, be yourself at the same time. Choose your images carefully, nothing too gaudy or extreme, photos that you feel reflect you in your best light. Mention your passions, hobbies and general interests and come up with a witty proverb. Your bio is critical to help you find good matches, so make it as accurate as possible. If you don’t have a six-pack anymore, don’t post that photo of you on the beach with the team!

Stop looking 

We asked hundreds of long-term couples about how it all began and almost all said they met just after they decided to stop looking for the right one! Let it go and maybe that’s what is needed; if it’s meant to happen, it will.

Don’t compromise

Why should you settle for anything less than passionate love? Have standards and to a degree, expectations; if you don’t like something, tell her, if you can’t do something, explain why and she will appreciate your honesty; many so-called relationship experts say that if both parties communicate clearly, the relationship can withstand anything!


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