Many people want to live more sustainably. The size of the living room plays a crucial role. The smaller we live, the better. And make out of your living room the perfect place to play Casino.

Anyone who wants to furnish a small living room should above all adhere to the following principle: Less is more. This applies to furniture as well as decoration and wall design. All elements are deliberately selected and staged to visually enlarge the space and not overload it.

But a small apartment alone is not yet sustainable. Those who can afford it, attach importance to ecological furniture and home textiles. This can be, for example, furniture made of FSC-certified wood or living blankets and pillows made of organic cotton. In addition, not only for the sake of space, you should be aware of how many possessions are really necessary. And if you want to refurnish, sell or give away the things you’ve sorted out instead of letting them go in the trash.


Use light and uniform colors

Small rooms look especially inviting when they are designed in a uniform color scheme. Lots of different colors can quickly make the room look messy and cluttered. It’s best to focus on light, friendly colors like white, beige or light gray for the wall design and furniture. Carpets, pillows, pictures and other decorative elements can then appear in a more colorful tone of your choice and loosen up the room’s appearance.

Mirrors and photo wallpapers create spaciousness

To make the small living room look deeper, mirrors are a great option. 

Wall mirrors take up hardly any space and give the impression of spaciousness – this effect is particularly successful when a mirror hangs opposite the window.

Large murals or photo wallpapers with wide motifs can have a similar effect. For example, if the sofa stands in front of a beach or forest landscape, the room will appear much larger.

The centerpiece of the living room: a small sofa with storage space

Speaking of sofas, seating plays a central role in the living room. In order not to make the room smaller than it is, you should avoid a clunky sofa. If you want to furnish a small living room, a small and narrow sofa is the right choice. It can be complemented with a matching armchair. Especially practical are sofas with integrated storage space under the seat. Here you can find space for bed linen, blankets, books and other items that you do not need every day. For these things then no cabinets or shelves have to hold out and you have again saved space. A pull-out couch with a sleep function also serves as a bed in the one-room apartment or as a place for guests to sleep.

A carpet with horizontal stripes stretches the room

For a cozy feeling of the room, a carpet in front of the sofa is almost mandatory. The carpet should fit into the tone concept of the room in terms of color. However, it should clearly stand out from the floor in terms of color. Another tip: If you like it, choose a carpet with horizontal stripes. These should make the room look larger. The same applies to elements on the wall, such as borders or wall shelves.

Tables in the living room: filigree, transparent, extendable

Whether it’s a coffee table, a side table or a workstation – you can furnish a small living room sensibly by choosing the right table. For example, narrow living room tables with filigree legs are a good choice. These are also available in different sizes, so that they can be placed under each other to save space. Transparent elements such as glass tops also contribute to a large sense of space. If you want to create a dining area, an extendable dining table is worthwhile.

The TV does not need a living wall

In many homes, the TV finds itself somewhere in a large living wall with sideboard and deep wall cabinets. If you want to furnish a small living room, you should do without it. Instead, a narrow TV table or a TV with a wall mount is a good choice.

Tip: The same applies to a workplace, by the way. In a home office, there is usually no need for a clunky desk that protrudes deep into the room. A long, narrow desk provides sufficient work space. 

Use decoration sparingly

When it comes to decoration, the motto “less is more” once again applies. To visually enhance the room, it’s best to limit yourself to functional decorative items. This can be, for example, pretty 

Sofa cushions, blankets, the already mentioned carpet or a color-matching flower pot. The walls should also not be overloaded under any circumstances. A few picture frames, wall shelves or a pretty photo wallpaper may of course be used. However, free spaces on the wall are worth a lot in the small living room, so that the room does not look oppressive.

Tips for the one-room apartment

In the one-room apartment almost everything takes place in one room: Cooking, living, sleeping. To still create a cozy living area, a sofa bed is a good idea. This is converted into a bed in the evening and can be used again as a sofa the next day, for example, to have a coffee with your best friend. If you want to separate the area a little and have enough space, put a narrow and high shelf as a room divider. Alternatively, you can think about a decorative curtain as a room divider. This saves space and can be used flexibly. In principle, it is convenient to work in height in the small living room. If you have the opportunity, you should, for example, hang the TV on the wall. Underneath, there is then still room for a narrow console table or a workstation.

If you follow these tips, you can arrange a small living room without sacrificing comfort and well-being character. And at the same time, the advantages of minimalist living can be consciously enjoyed: Fewer possessions accumulate in a small space, household chores are done quickly and the personal eco-balance improves.


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