How to make cake pops

Cake Pops

The cake pops are tasty lollipop-shaped sweets made with crumbled sponge cake, mixed with jam and decorated with chocolate and coloured sugars.

The cake pops are small balls of cake in the shape of a lollipop, generally covered with icing or chocolate, decorated with colored sugars, fondant or grated coconut, which due to their body are reminiscent of the candies so loved by children all over the world. Symbol of joy and delicacy, they are one of the most delicious preparations that will fill a party for little guests with pleasure.

Cake pops are sweets as simple as they are coveted and represent one of the most delicious ways to recycle a sponge cake or a leftover cake. Just crumble it well (an operation which will be simpler the drier the cake is) and mix the crumbs with jam, Nutella or mascarpone cream. With the dough made, balls form, which are then cooled to take shape they will have to maintain. Finally, each ball insert with a plastic toothpick or a small straw, passed in melted chocolate or icing

How to make cake pops

Cake pops are the unmissable idea in children’s parties, they are so simple and versatile that they can prepare for all occasions, always enjoying great success. The sweetness of the filling and the crunchiness of the chocolate wrap make these lollipops irresistible to say the least.

Advice and curiosities

How to store cake pops

In winter or when the outside temperature is low, you can keep the cake pops ready even at room temperature, but if it is hot, it is preferable to store them in the refrigerator, where they will keep for a few days.

Which base to use to make cake pops?

As a base for the cake pops you can use a classic sponge cake , very simple with my recipe, or any cake or donut. To crumble the sweets well it is preferable that they are “old” for a few days, if they are still too wet and crumbs will tend to stick. However, consider that depending on the type of cake used you can have a different absorption. Therefore an additional amount of jam needed.


Some delicious variations

Try making them with sponge cake and Nutella or with chocolate and mascarpone sponge cake for a chocolate variation.

Ingredients for 34 cake pops

  • 400 gr of sponge cake

  • Four tablespoons of jam (apricot)

For the Cover:

  • 300 grams of dark (or milk) chocolate

To Decorate:

  • to the taste of sprinkles (or coloured sprinkles)

Tools used

  • 34 plastic toothpicks

  • Preparation

Cake pop 2

To prepare the cakes pops, start crumbling the sponge cakes and put it all together in a bowl; remove it if the cake has more complex parts. Gradually add the apricot jam, or the jam of the taste you prefer, considering that the actual amount of mess depends on the absorption of the cake. Then start to mix and eventually add other jam. You will need to get a reasonably compact dough.

Cake pop 3

Remove some pieces of dough and shape into balls, about the size of a walnut, placed in a tray and put them in the freezer to harden for 30 minutes.

Cake pop 4

When the balls have cooled. Take them back and insert a wooden toothpick or a straw inside each one. Then dip it in the chocolate barrel (not too hot) by dropping the excess. Before the chocolate dries. Pass the lollipops also in the sugars or coloured sprinkles. Making them adhere all around.

Cake pop 5

As soon as they are ready, arrange the cake pops on a base, a polystyrene base can also refine and let them dry completely.


Your cake pops are ready to enjoy.

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