How to make Omelet?

Nutritious, flavorful, and easy to make, the omelet is one of the most popular dishes in French cuisine.

It is a straightforward preparation based on eggs, cooked in a pan with a bit of butter (or oil) and perhaps stuffed with cheese, ham, vegetables, or meat. The most prepared stuffed omelets are still the ham and cheese omelets.

Many mistakenly associate them by similarity to the classic Italian omelet. Still, in reality, these are two dishes that differ mainly in cooking: the omelet is cooked only on one side, without ever being turned, precisely as opposed to the omelet.

How to make omelets

Making omelets is undoubtedly not complicated, but it remains necessary to follow particular rules for proper preparation.

What makes them perfect is their puffy and soft appearance, with a golden exterior and a soft and creamy heart that is ” slobbering. “

If you, too, have chosen to make the omelet recipe, you have to start first with the choice of eggs. The latter must be of quality and fresh, to be cooked without haste and at low heat. To conclude, the final phase remains the one in which you will choose whether or not to stuff your omelets before folding them in on themselves.

But now let’s see in more detail how to make omelets:

Step 1. Get yourself a bowl or a deep plate in which you will whisk the eggs. To ensure that the air is incorporated, whip with very rapid hand movements that go from bottom to top; doing so will make the eggs frothy and consequently the omelets beautifully soft.

Step 2. After grease a little butter in the pan, you must add the eggs evenly to prevent the omelets from becoming too thick.

Step 3. Cooking must take place strictly over low heat for as long as necessary.

Step 4. Before closing the omelet on itself, you can choose whether to fill it with ham, cheese, grilled vegetables, salad, mushrooms, or whatever you prefer. The right time to insert the filling is when the eggs are compact on the bottom but still have a liquid surface.

Step 5. Finally, gently fold the omelet back on itself and cook for another minute.


To make excellent omelets, in addition to the proper steps, it is essential to follow some tips:

– The choice of the pan for cooking omelets should not be underestimated in the world. Using one that is not non-stick would mean making the omelet stick and not being able to close it on itself.

– To prepare an omelet of the right size, it is preferable to use a pan 18-20 cm in diameter and about 5 cm high. Better still if it also has a nice long handle.

-If you choose to use oil instead of butter, remember that its quantity must be less. The flavor of the oil is decidedly more intense. Then that of the butter and should not cover that of the eggs.

– The eggs should only be broken and whipped when they can be cooked.

– Once the omelets have been prepared, they must be consumed immediately, very hot.

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