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How To Measure Sleeve Length?

It is not the arm length that defines the sleeve length. The shoulder width varies from one person to another. The shapes of the sleeve armhole are one of the significant factors which affect the measurement of sleeves. How to measure sleeve length It can be in various styles and shapes, such as saddle, straight, raglan, drop shoulder, and set-in. Hence, it is optimally necessary to take this factor into special account while taking the sleeve length measurement. 

Ways to Measure Sleeve Length

The sleeve measuring is the measurement that includes the shoulder-length till the wrist bone. The use of the right method or technique will help in getting the shirt with proper fitting.

Method 1

The center back of the neck is the right point for the measurement of the sleeve length; start measuring it from this point till the shoulder of the arm. Take the measurement from the shoulder to the wrist bone and carry it to the point where you would like to make the shirt cuff. It is dependent on the choice of the customer. It is important to bend the elbow a little bit for taking the measurement with fabulous ease. This step will ensure avoiding the shortening of the sleeve length. Hence, the natural position of the arm bending will no longer be affected when you wear the shirt. Such measurement technique would work flawlessly for the slight arm bending, too, without any hassles. Now, sum up both measurements and then round up these to the closest available sleeve length. 

Method 2

The two separate measurements help you to approach the final sleeve length size. It includes the measurement from shoulder to wrist and from neck to shoulder. The first step includes the process of finding the well-fitted shirt with shoulder seams. The shoulder seams would act as a reference. Now measure the shoulder seams starting from the neck’s nape. Take the assistance of the fabric measuring tape for the measurement and not it on the notebook. Now take the measurement to the wrist starting from the shoulder seam. Garment’s sleeve is highly important to be sewed perfectly to offer easy movements in the clothing. Add up the recorded numbers for the shoulder to wrist and neck to shoulder. Ensure to record these measurements in inches, and you will end up getting the ideal measurement for the shirt’s sleeve length. 

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Cautious to be Taken

The measurement should be taken in the upright position. If the measurement is taken from other clothes as a reference, then get the one with no crease. Remove the creases first else the reading would be affected. When the multiple readings are meant to be added up, then one must be assured to use the same reading scale. If one measurement is taken in inches, then the other must also be inches. The measurement taken is the final one, and hence extra inches must be kept in the fabric while cutting it. Make the markings on the fabric as per the final readings to stitch it at the exact point. Hence, you will end up getting the proper fit shirt as per your desire through this manner.



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