How to open a coconut

Cracking up a coconut is not as difficult as many people think. It is an easier task, and one can open a coconut at home with the tools already available. First things first, you have to decide which part you want out of the coconut.

Once you decide whether to separate the fresh coconut or take out the coconut water, you can easily open the coconut. You will not need any unique tool to crack a coconut; you can easily open it up with simple tricks or techniques.

Coconut tastes more delicious when eaten fresh, so you must be looking for some quick and easy ways to open a coconut. So, the following are different Ways to Open a Coconut,

Poke Holes to Drain the Coconut 

Whether you want to drink coconut water or eat fresh coconut, the first thing you need to do is drain it. Draining water from the coconut is simple, and in a few small steps, anyone can drain the coconut water.

Poke a Hole 

On the top of the coconut, you will see three eyes. One of the three eyes is easy to insert a knife or similar tool in. Once you find that hole, insert a knife, a screwdriver, or a metal skewer into that eye. Dig a half-inch hole so you can quickly drain the water. Repeat the same procedure for the other two spots as well.

Taking the Water Out of the Coconut

After digging the holes now, it is time to collect the water and drain the coconut completely. For this, you can take a glass or a bowl and place the coconut upside down over it. Within a few minutes, it will fully drain your coconut.

If you pour the water into a bowl, you have to hold the coconut until it becomes empty. However, if you are using a glass, the whole procedure will be much easier, and you do not even have to hold the coconut to drain it.

Drain it Thoroughly open a coconut

Now that you have placed the coconut in a position over the glass to take out the water. Make sure to drain every single drop out of it. Shake the coconut a few times and keep it in an upside-down position for a while until all the water drains out of it.

Use a Hammer to Open it.

A simple way to crack a drained coconut is with the help of a hammer. You do not have to follow multiple steps to break the coconut shell, and within a few minutes, you can open it.

Drain the Coconut open a coconut

The draining process, as discussed above, will help you drain the coconut before breaking the shell. With the help of holes, you can quickly drain the water out of the coconut.

Wrap it in a Towel and Hit with Hammer

The next step is to break the shell, and for this first, you will have to wrap the coconut in a clean towel. Now hit the coconut with the hammer a couple of times. You will observe the shell breaking into pieces. Remove the cover with your hands or use a knife to remove it. Clean everything, and your fresh coconut are ready to eat.

Bake the Coconut to Crack it 

Heating the coconut in an oven is a fantastic trick to crack it up quickly. Many people are unfamiliar with this technique, but baking a coconut in the oven for 10 minutes can help you crack it. What you need to do is follow the step described below.

Prepare Oven to open a coconut

The first rule of baking is to prepare and preheat the oven to set the perfect temperature. Similarly, to bake the coconut in the oven, it is necessary to prepare the range. Allow the oven to heat at a temperature of 375 degrees.

Assemble the Coconut open a coconut

Now that the oven is heated and ready to bake the coconut, place the drained coconut on the baking sheet and put it inside the oven. Make sure that the temperature of the range is perfect for baking. Bake the coconut for ten minutes and take it out of the oven.

After 10 minutes of baking, you will see a crack in the shell of a coconut. It will be easier to remove the body now and take out the fresh coconut.

Prepare to Remove the Shell 

To remove the shell, you must prepare to remove the cover. After 10 minutes, when you take the coconut out of the oven, wrap it in a clean towel. Let it cool for a while and after some time, unwrap it from the towel.

After it has cooled completely, hit the coconut harder on the surface, you will see the breaks into small pieces. With the help of a knife, remove the shell entirely, and you can now enjoy your fresh coconut.

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