Many operators offer potential customers an initial online casino credit, so they can sign up with the provider for free without the feeling of depositing real money directly. These starting money online casinos allow players to spin a few free rounds without making a direct deposit. Here you will find all the information about, and details that you should pay attention to with this type of sign-up bonus. Also, you will learn everything about casino games and get information about mobile casinos.

Here is an overview of the essential points of this bonus offer:

  • Such an offer may be a no-deposit offer.  The initial credits are available to the player without making a deposit.  There are all kinds of variants: initial credits of €5, €7, €10, €15, €20, and €25.
  • In other cases, it’s an opening balance available when you deposit cash yourself.
  • Basically, no deposit credits are spent as free spins or as funds in the casino’s bonus account.
  • These offers are primarily for new casino customers.  They must be lured in with free credits and persuaded to sign up on the site.
  • Since every site on the net wants to attract more and more new players, this competitive pressure makes for better and better offers.

A fairly simple system to see in which you, as a player, can benefit from the competition in the online betting market.

It’s pretty easy:

  • Step 1 – Find the casino site with the best bonus offers.
  • Step 2: Register and log in there.
  • Step 3: And you can wait for the ticket payment!

In just three steps, you have access to online casino play credits.

All important information at a glance

Can I continue to play with bonus credits as a new player?

Many players may already be wondering if they can benefit from such attractive bonuses when they are new to gambling and have not yet found a home casino in Internet casinos, which are sometimes quite confusing and extremely diverse.

Don’t worry!  Everyone can claim these special offers!

But of course, there are differences between different types of players, and this also affects the introduction of bonus offers and credit promotions in the world of online gaming:

  • New players: The casino often offers freebies for this group of players.  However, with many of these offers, a personal money transfer is first required to claim the promotion.  The minimum amount required is usually in very small ranges (e.g., €10 or €20), so you don’t have to risk too much.
  • Existing Customers – If you’re already a site member, there are often fewer bonus promotions. 

However, in many cases, there is a loyalty offer where you can also enjoy free special offers.  The frequency and often the amount of these offers are far from the offers for new customers at online casinos.

Yes, in many cases, you have an advantage as a new customer, especially when it comes to exclusive casinos with no entry fees!

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