If you are considering whether or not you want to purchase a mini e-rig instead of a full-size rig, check out these numerous advantages of using mini rigs and dabbing with e-rig to influence your buying decision! 

The main advantages of dabbing with an e-rig

If you are considering using an MJ Arsenal e-rig instead of other smoking options, this is a smart choice for many cannabis smokers. Since mini rigs are more portable, more intense, and provide long-lasting flavor when compared to full-size rigs, e-rigs add another dimension to this fun, easy-to-use, and flavorful smoking method! Click here to get your own mini rigs.

First – what is an e-rig? If you are not an advanced user, you might never have heard of this smoking method before. But don’t fret – just because you haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t mean it is too complicated for beginners to use! An e-rig is simply an electronic dabbing rig that uses batteries and electric methods to heat the dab rig instead of complicated accessories like torches, lighters, and butane. 

Don’t need extra accessories

One of the main benefits of using an e-rig is the ability to avoid having to buy and use complicated accessories. Since the nail is electronically heated with consistent temperatures, you don’t have to worry about using accessories that can be complicated, hard to use, and difficult to set up.

Reduces overheating

The second benefit of using an MJ Arsenal e-rig is the avoidance of overheating by accident. Since the dab is heated at a consistent level for the predetermined amount of time, you don’t have to worry about overusing a torch or butane that can lead to quick overheating of the dab rig. With an e-rig, the setup will have temperature settings that make it easy to operate and monitor while in use. If you are a beginner, some e-rigs even have the added functionality of using a continuous heating setting so you don’t have to spend time watching your anger to avoid overheating! 


The third benefit of using an MJ Arsenal e-rig is the portability and convenience factor. Instead of a full-size dab rig or other smoking methods, like a bong, you don’t have to fret about not being able to transport this e-rig to and from your friends’ houses. E-rigs are designed with convenience in mind, with most e-rigs on the market being completely portable and great options for dabbing while on the move. 


The final advantage of using an MJ Arsenal e-rig instead of a full-size rig is the versatility offered by this small, easy-to-use, and flavorful product. You can customize and personalize your e-rig by adding and changing the accessories compatible with this product, such as switching out the e-nail. By changing the e-nail, you can change how you heat your dab and operate the e-rig. In addition, you can add an electronic heating base that increases the functionality of your product. 


If you are considering purchasing an MJ Arsenal e-rig, you will reap the benefits if you enjoy having strong hits, long-lasting flavor, convenience, portability, and versatility. When it comes to using mini rigs, e-rigs provide added accessibility and compatibility with e-nails, making it easy and quick to heat your rig without the risk of overheating! Furthermore, e-rigs are easily transportable, so you can smoke on the go or use them with friends.

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