Online “sex-affective” dating for an economic purpose is growing more and more in the country. How are the Sugar Mamma and the Toy Boys.

There are almost no names, everyone uses pseudonyms, the design is in dark mode, and personal information does not go beyond age and a photo. But it is “whitewashed” that there is an economic interest, in addition to sexual or affective, or sex-affective, when starting to chat with someone. That is sugardating .

The most common type of relationship on these platforms is that of a young woman who seeks financial support from a man -yes, the hetero binomial- “of a good time”, in exchange for company, love or sexual encounters. Or all of that together.

MeryLupita23 (username changed for identity protection) has a red bodysuit, blonde hair and a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the back that reveals her entire tight jean. “I’m tired of hysterical assholes. I want someone who understands everything and is generous. I have everything to give.” That’s all she says. She can be written to and she can write to whoever she wants. She is a Sugar Baby looking for a Sugar Daddy .

In total there are about 4,000 sugar dating in Argentina, we must bear in mind that this figure is much higher because there are more sugar dating pages like sugar daddy seek. The majority are women, 63.84%, particularly very young. 22, on average. Each one is a Sugar Baby.

29.88% is Toy Boy, its male variant. 4.01% is Sugar Daddy which represents -although it is not a virtual role-playing game, it is an online dating platform- thirty-something men who assume themselves as “suppliers” of the SugarBabies. And 2.27% is Sugar Mamma the female provider.

Sugar dating is highly centralized in Buenos Aires, where 65.41% of users live. In Córdoba, it is 8.60% and in Santa Fe 4.5%.

The Toy Boys and the Sugar Babies are described as “young people with aspirations but little money, hence they look for a partner with resources”. Sugar daddies “are usually entrepreneurs, many of them without time, but with a high standard of living.”

The Sugar Mamas, assure from SugarDaters, “they usually work in offices as administrative, managers… this is something that is replicated in many countries, it is curious. Perhaps they are women who do not consider themselves entrepreneurs, but heiresses -the latter, they clarify ‘it’s an assumption, but if they were businesswomen they would present themselves as such, right?’”.

Sugar dating, as they suggest, is not a transactional agreement in the sense “I charge so much for such a service”. They speak of an agreement reached through support. (

A Sugar Daddy who goes out with girls as if they were his partner, which is what they would look for, but if he helped her financially in some way before. Sex is part of the agreement if it was so agreed by both.

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