The evolution of casino games continues. The online gaming experience has changed significantly since we first saw online versions of poker and blackjack cropping up some 20 years ago. Today, one of the biggest trends is live dealer casino games. 

Rather than simply working through an electronic interface, live dealer games allow people to connect, via live stream, to a human who will deal the cards for the game – think of it like a video call straight to a live dealer at a casino.

Live dealer games used to mainly refer to games such as blackjack and poker, but there are now many different varieties of these games. Super Sic Bo and Crazy Time are among the games at Jackpot Village, for example.

What are live dealer games?

Simply put, live dealer games are types of video games where you log in to your account and connect with someone from the casino. They are often dealing real cards or controlling some other gambling interface.

Live dealer games are more popular than ever and this is why we see so many different games cropping up on modern casinos. 

These games connect you to a real video screen with a person drawing the cards, and this is a very different experience when compared to playing via an interface on your phone. Some casinos have options like chat boxes, which can add another dimension to the game. 

What is driving the rise of live dealer games?

There is no denying that people want a more personal experience in most things. In many aspects of life, we now have more choice than ever before. For instance, look at the incredible range of games that is available on platforms like Steam, or even the Xbox store. People have become used to having more choice. They are also used to greater customization within the games.

All of this means that live dealer games provide an experience in line with what people expect from their gaming.

The first live dealer games that were introduced tended to just be versions of classic casino games such as blackjack and roulette, but this has changed. Casinos are adding new games or new twists to older games in order to create a unique offering for their customers and to attract those who may be interested in trying some different live games.

As well as a huge amount of choice in the actual games that can be played, there is another factor to consider; it has become easier for players to log in and play. As well as having more devices that can be used on your travels or in your own home, people generally have access to more stable and faster connections to the internet. 

In days gone by, some people wouldn’t have even tried to play a live streaming game, due to the fact that they would have struggled with a reliable connection. When playing a game for real money, losing the connection can sometimes mean not being able to complete the game. This can be incredibly frustrating. 

In recent years, most areas have been able to access more reliable broadband. There are maps such as Broadband Now that show how the coverage has grown and changed. More reliable and wide-reaching connections mean that it is very unlikely a game will be interrupted by the network dropping.

The future of live dealer games

Live dealer games are here to stay, so what does the future have in store? If recent years are anything to go by, we can expect there to be many more options for how to play games. More variations of blackjack, and even new games that people may not be familiar with. 

There are so many different casino brands out there, and this means that they are all competing. There are already hundreds of different types of live dealer games, but there are likely to be even more as brands try to outdo one another and create something their competitors can’t offer.

Though it is already pretty easy to access the games, it is likely to become even simpler, with more high-speed internet connections and better devices allowing live dealer games to flourish.


There is still a place for games that don’t have live dealers, and plenty of people still prefer to play using an older gaming interface. For those who prefer connecting to a human being, it is easy to log in to a live dealer game and enjoy a casino experience.

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