Playing Online Cricket Betting ID has become a popular passtime, now more so than ever, with over 30 million online players in the UK alone and hundreds of up-to-date games developed and regularly available to play on casino sites. But it’s thanks to some clever technology that these modern online games are enjoyed by so many, all in the safety of our own homes. If you’ve ever wondered what types of tech are powering your favourite casino classics, then read on as we guide you through the software and developers’ tools that keep online casino games safe and fun. 

Random Number Generator (RNG) 

RNG software creates a random sequence of numbers with no visible pattern, so completely randomises the outcome of the game in an online casino. For example, if you spin the reels in your favourite slot game, the RNG software will determine where they land and what symbols are displayed. Or, in online Roulette, the RNG will control where the ball lands on the wheel. This guarantees that the outcome is 100% fair with no bias towards either the player or the computer. (Valium)

The design of this software, plus the fact that it is tightly regulated usually by third parties, also ensures that the casino game cannot be tampered with or rigged in anyway – which arguably makes it even safer than the land-based versions. It also means that players cannot manipulate or predict what’s to come. Thanks to RNGs you can enjoy online Slots and Roulette, and other classic casino games knowing they are completely random and fair.  Visit:


HTML5, is the fifth and latest major HTML version, and is used for structuring and presenting content online, mainly for streaming videos and games in a web browser. The development of this tech means that it is a lot easier for developers to create mobile casino games, and even easier for the players to access them on their smartphones. 

HTML5 has been a key part in enabling the playing of casino games whenever and wherever players like. This tech has helped software developers to customise the casino games so that they can adjust the graphics and video elements to work perfectly and smoothly on smaller devices, such as a mobile phone. 

Security technology

Online casino sites use a lot of behind-the-screens tech to keep their player safe. The system itself will include firewalls, which monitors, controls and examines all of the incoming and outgoing data so that it adheres to the site’s rules and regulations, and creates a safe environment for the casino games. 

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology add another layer of security to an online casino site, using encryption to protect the transfer and storage of data, payments and information, from cyber threats. This means that any and every piece of information you enter into the site, such as your login or card details, is then jumbled and scrambled, so that if there is the unlikely event of a cyber hack, the information will be unreadable, and therefore unusable. 

All of this technology and software means that you can enjoy your favourite Slots, Roulette, Bingo and all the casino classics, with the peace of mind that it will work safely and smoothly, and ultimately be the most enjoyable experience it can be. 

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