Is Florida on your bucket list or, do you want to spend your holiday in one of the most loved U.S. locations? From shopping sprees to fishing or boating, there are lots of activities to consider. If you want to learn more about them, check the following article, pack up your things and start a new adventure.


Did you win a hefty prize on 22Bet casino or just make some savings and n you want to go on an epic shopping spree? You will be pleased to know that the best places to buy things are located at Florida beaches, including Rosemary and Seacrest. If you choose Rosemary Beach, you have to go on a ten-mile trip to the 30A highway. Get ready to find surfing shops, and other fun and quirky ventures such as The Hidden Lantern, Parish Ex Voto, Bambo, Pescado, Feed Supply or Sugar Shack. If you are heading to the beach, make sure that you are wearing the right footwear, and get some of the best mens water shoes here. 

Another great beach in Florida is Seacrest. This hidden gem is in between Rosemary and Alys Beach. After a serious shopping spree, take a break and try the food from the Cucina restaurant as it got great reviews and delicious food. If you run out of food supplies, there is a small grocery store called Seacrest Sundries. In the proximity, you can also find an interesting store -the Ophelia Swimwear- that sells matching swimsuits. 

If you are looking for a more exclusive location, you can go to Sandestin, one of the best places to start and learn how to play golf and buy clothes from high-end brands such as Michael Kors, Nike or Banana Republic. And that’s not all! You can have a small trip to the flea markets, boutiques or antique shops to purchase unique products. 

Arts and History

Want to taste a little bit of art, make outstanding pictures and create moments that will stand out for a lifetime? Florida is well known for its arts and history amenities. You can discover art galleries, museums and other cultural gems like churches, operas or outstanding botanical gardens. 

For most of the art & history places, you’ll have to book early/buy some online tickets in time. Not to say that once you go to Florida, you can find lots of community theaters and look at live shows. Then, you should definitely stop for a moment at a museum such as the Ringling Museum of Art and take a look at Peter Paul Rubens paintings.

Usually, the prices are low and may start from 10 dollars and even lower.  


One thing Florida is well known for is the nightlife! There are clubs, cafes, luxurious restaurants and plenty of beach parties you can be a part of. The fun begins at Cleverlander, located in South Beach. It’s an iconic highlight for those who want to spice up their night, have fun, discover lots of people and drink the best cocktails. Lots of people describe Cleverlander as the place of wild parties. 

Those who want to chill for a while at night should go to Mango’s Tropical Cafe, located in the proximity of the Clevelander. Be a part of a Latin inspired cafe theme, enjoy the sexy dances and drink great coffees, beer or other delicacies. There are cheap prices, lovely people and an exotic atmosphere everyone should enjoy.

Continue your adventure near Miami University on Ponce De Leon and try some delicious food at the Titanic Brewery. Don’t forget to buy an artisanal beer provided by the local beer factory and have a lot of fun! No matter where you stop in Florida at night, a party will begin or end… 


Before starting to catch some fish, you should know that anyone who wants to do that needs a license. It’s not too expensive and it can be purchased from any store, Walmart included. A license costs up to 20 USD for one year – no matter if you fish in saltwater or freshwater.

Specialists recommend starting fishing in November or October for those who like to do this activity in saltwater. Other fishermen can go and catch their freshwater prey when the summer begins. That’s to be said, Florida has more than 8000 miles of shoreline, lots of fish to get caught and warm and cosy weather perfect for fishing amateurs or professionals. (


Fishing is not your thing? Don’t worry, jump on a boat and start your ocean adventure. Sail away, swim with fish, let the sun tan your skin, eat snacks and relax for a while. The best season for boating is near March. But is it legal for anyone to do this activity?

For the moment, Florida doesn’t come with a mandatory license but people who would like to sail should have a Boating Safety Education I.D. You can also rent a boat and the owner will teach you how to sail and give your permit in many cases. 


Take your time, stop at one of the recommended attractions and enjoy each moment you spend in Florida. Go on a shopping spree with your loved ones, eat delicious foods, visit the most beautiful beaches in the world and make fun activities. The prices are friendly for everyone that wants to visit this U.S. wonderland.

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