All slot players need something to aim for when they spin the reels. This could be to beat their previous biggest slot winning record, or it could simply be to get more cash out of a slot than what is put in – play Tomb Raider slot. However, the holy grail of every slot gaming session is to hit bonus rounds, and these come in many guises. Some are simple money trail rounds where a wheel is spun, and players progress up a multiplier trail that is added to the original spin-stake. Some bonuses focus on picking symbols that hide cash prizes like slots with free spins. These are all very well and good, but they tend to be at the bottom of the bonus round food chain, and for most punters, they are happy to gamble these away for the chance of winning a better bonus round, if there is the option to do so.

Free Spins Bonuses

What every slot player is curious for, are the bonuses on Online Cricket Betting ID games that give players free spins. Most online slot games out there contain free spin-orientated bonuses. Free spins allow players some free gaming on the house. These bonus rounds are also a chance for punters to recoup some of their losses or to increase their bankroll for free.

Slots with free spins usually save the free spins for the bonus round, but with slots that use the cascading reel’s mechanism, if a cascade is successful in landing a winning sequence of symbols, these explode and vanish, giving players a free spin cascade in the base game.

Different Types of Free Spins

Free spin bonus rounds have continued to develop over time and the industry-standard in online slots is to add something extra to a free spin bonus round. This helps to keep free spin bonuses interesting; it can also make them far more lucrative as well.


Adding multipliers to free spins is a simple but effective way of cranking up the excitement. Some slot games like Cleopatra have a set multiplier of x3 that is added to every winning spin during the bonus. Other games like Hand of Midas, do not limit the multiplier, instead, the multiplier continues to grow with every spin. This is a common feature with Megaways games too and part of the fun of the free spin bonuses here is that they come with unlimited multipliers.

Wilds and Free Spins

Wilds are used extensively in online slots to spice up free spin rounds, and it is here where wilds can take on a life of their own. There are walking wilds that travel the reels until they fall out of view. Stacked wilds fill complete reels, whilst expanding wilds do the same but expand to encompass an entire reel instead. Sticky wilds stick to the position they land in, and some remain there for the duration of a free spin bonus round. The beauty of active wilds in free spins is that they can also come with multipliers.

Final Thoughts

Slots with free spins tend to be the most popular games on the market and most slot spinners crave free spins bonuses, more than any other bonus round slot games have to offer.

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