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What do groundhogs eat?

Groundhogs are active daily, eat a lot, eat many good forages every day, tolerate hunger, do not drink water, and eat juicy feed with high water content. Wild marmots mainly feed on the leaves and stems of Cyperaceae and Gramineae and the flowers of leguminous plants and have seasonal changes. They are omnivorous under feeding conditions. Marmots are easy to domesticate, do not hurt people, are not heat resistant, are afraid of sun exposure, and have strong disease resistance.

Why do groundhogs like to stand?

Many animals are very vigilant. Groundhogs are no exception. Ground squirrels belong to the squirrel family-like squirrels. They stand because they are very alert to the external environment and must always observe the surrounding environment.

Every time a groundhog goes out for food, one will stay on guard as a guard. The groundhog standing guard is also very dedicated. It will choose to stand with its strong hind limbs. If it finds enemy conditions, it will Scream to notify other groundhogs, and the disarmed enemy will also be reported by screaming.

Groundhogs generally live on the grasslands. Their bodies are much larger than mice and squirrels. They are also called soil fat rounds because they often eat. But this cute looks very cute.

Because groundhogs are very cute, there are many small videos about groundhogs on the Internet, especially the pictures and videos of groundhogs standing on the Internet.

The groundhog’s cry is terrifying and thick, like a living person frightened by a ghost. Because most people have never seen groundhogs, they thought that groundhogs are called this way, but they are not.

What do groundhogs eat?

Groundhogs are generally vegetarian. When feeding, they can eat lettuce, clover, corn, vegetables, and other foods. And they can also eat some fruits such as apples and bananas.

When raising groundhogs, you can also feed them rabbit feed, providing them with rich nutrition. It is best not to feed them mouse feed, which will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

When feeding the groundhog, try to provide it fresh food. And clean it up in advance to avoid irritation to its intestines and stomach and cause it to have diarrhea.

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What do groundhogs eat?

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