Smoking marijuana is sometimes as common as smoking cigarettes. The popularity came after the Farm Bill of 2018. The policy declares that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) of 0.3% or lower is legal in some parts. Since then, the cannabidiol market has grown significantly. Smoking cannabis is one of the main ways of CBD intake. Other means include: edibles (infused in foods and candy), topicals (include application on the skin), pills (swallowing), and tinctures (used under the tongue). 

The Role of CBD in Pre-Rolls

CBD is absorbed faster into the bloodstream through smoking; a higher quantity is retained when using this method. The alternative to smoking a joint, spliff, or blunt is vaping, which requires minimal effort as they are ready to use; smoking a joint requires a bit of engagement. 

You will need a grinder, hemp, a weed roller (for people who don’t know how to roll), rolling paper, and a filter (crutch). Getting the peak experience requires that you ensure the grass is dry and free from foreign materials. Then, you will grind until smooth; once satisfied, take your rolling paper with the glue-side up when you place the hemp. Insert the crutch on the ends and roll the weed up. Twist the top of your joint and light up. This process can be hectic, for those who would rather not go through all that for whatever reason can get pre-rolls CBD.

Types of CBD Pre-Rolls 

People want to save time, and dispensaries help them do that while attracting more consumers; all you need to enjoy the perks of CBD with a pre-roll is light it. You can buy a pack of CBD pre-rolls. Alternatively, for those who want an easier time while still participating in the process, you can get cones and fill them up with cannabis. 

There are variations of pre-rolls not to be mistaken for CBD cigarettes. Here is a breakdown of your options; 

  • Joints

They resemble cigarettes but are filled with marijuana, not nicotine. Most joints contain no flavor unless the strain has a natural flavor, hence no taste or smell. Smokers who dislike the natural taste of hemp can opt for flavored papers. Joints are perfect for beginners who want to try and feel the full effects without the influence of other ingredients used in infused products. 

  • Spliff

These have tobacco in them. A spliff is a mixture of marijuana and tobacco to magnify the smoking experience. It is a better product for nicotine smokers who want to try marijuana. A standard spliff has at least 50% of tobacco content for a smooth taste; the mixture combines the taste giving strong hints of tobacco smell. 

  •  Blunts

They are cannabis cigars, so to speak. They are larger than a joint or spliff and are rolled with cigar paper and a tobacco leaf. The brown paper is larger and packed with nicotine to give a distinguished flavor and taste. They burn slower because of their size and tend to have higher potency and bioavailability, which is the absorption and use of ingredients in your body. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Joint

Joints are easily accessible, and you can find quality pre roll CBD near me. However, before you buy one, especially if it’s your first time, consider the following:


Different joints use different types of strains to offer diverse effects. Some have more than one type of strain and can be highly potent. The strain lets you know the percentage of each component, the effects you should feel, and what time of the day you should smoke.  

Rolling paper

The type of rolling paper may affect the quality of smoking. Your options include standard, flavored, clear, and gold papers. They are based on brand, price, and preference. 

Type of CBD

There are three main types across all cannabis products, each with a different potency rate. They include: 

  1. Full-spectrum contains CBD, THC (less than 0.3%), and other hemp compounds. Offer a euphoric sensation of being high. 
  2. Broad-spectrum – have other hemp compounds apart from THC. They are non-psychoactive. 
  3. CBD isolates joints – purely CBD compounds. 


You get different sized rolling papers. Always consider the desired size of a joint, considering how much product you will put in each. All sizes have different pricing. Some joints have filters, others don’t, which might affect the size. 


CBD brands are competitive and try to gain favor by incorporating new strains, flavors, sizes, and designs. Are you an adventurous smoker? Would you rather stick to what you know? Whichever kind of experience you want, ensure to buy from a reliable brand with a high-quality product. 


Joints come in different packaging, quantity, strains, and types. All these factors determine the price. Look for what you can afford and cost-effectiveness. 

Types of Pre-Roll CBD 

The variations in the market are based on a couple of things, mainly size and potency rate. Here are a couple of options you might find in the market: 

  • Twax joint

Also known as caviar joints, they are infused with CBD wax. The wax is used as glue for the rolling paper, and kief is used to seal the flavors. They are packed with CBD of approximately 35% and THC levels of up to 0.3%. These have a higher bioavailability rate and burn slowly because of the oil. 

  • Rainbow joint

They are also known as rainbow belt joints and are almost similar to regular joints; only they don’t use a single strain of marijuana. Rainbow pre-rolls include seven different strains of hemp per roll, with a combined shade of color, hence the name. They hold approximately 20% of CBD and THC amounts lower than 0.3%. 

  • Rose joint

It is rolled from rose petals. They are unique and aren’t easy to find, but they are worth a try. They include pesticide-free rose petals crushed and dried to form rolling papers. Roses contain some terpenes compounds, nerolidol, that mix with CBD to give a smooth, scented, and natural taste. The seven types of strains give it a high potency rate. 

  • Moon Rocket

It closely resembles the twax joint. The cannabis buds are coated with oil and rolled in kief. Most moon rockets use girl scout cookies (GSC), an Indica hybrid of cannabis, and are very potent; regular smokers might enjoy the taste and flavor. 

Benefits of CBD Joints

Like many CBD products, pre-rolls have the following advantages; 

High bioavailability: Smoking joints offer up to 56%, compared to other products ranging from 2% to 15%. More CBD content is retained, and absorption is high, making it more beneficial to the body. They also have higher potency rates compared to other products.

Discreet and portable: Joints are easy to carry, and the lack of smells or flavors offers discretion in public. 

Relieve pain: CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that are received by the endocannabinoid system (ECS) found naturally in our bodies. The receptors allow absorption into the nervous, immune, and neurological systems to relieve pain and inflammation. 

Insomnia: Nighttime joints are a perfect regimen for your evening routine that helps with relaxation and induce deep sleep. 

Relief of anxiety and depression: One of the most popular benefits of cbd pre rolls is they produce feel-good hormones that change the user’s mood. For users with anxiety and depression, smoking has proven to help the symptoms. 

Appetite: People with low appetites might benefit from smoking joints largely due to the munches one receives after intake. 

When smoking a joint, CBD, THC, and cannabigerol (CBG) are absorbed into your lungs and bloodstream. Before trying out joints, consult a doctor if you have prescribed medication to avoid underlying issues and conditions. 


The benefits of CBD pre-rolls are endless, and scientists conduct more daily studies to better understand the plant for future human use. The popularity of smoking CBD will keep evolving to better products. It is important to note that pre-rolls that are purchased may not be pure, and some may contain other chemicals that may be harmful. Ensure you purchase joints from trusted sources or buy pre-rolled cones and buds to fill the joints yourself.

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