After a long and difficult talk with your wife, you had to face a hard truth: you aren’t satisfying her in bed anymore. However, there are things that you can do to save your sex life with her. Thankfully, waterproof vibrators can help you give your wife the experience that she both wants and deserves. Here’s what you need to know about using one for her needs and how they can save your relationship.

Your Wife Deserves a Vibrator

Some men think of vibrators as a competitor or a potential replacement in the bedroom. That isn’t the case at all, if you handle a vibrator properly. A high-quality vibrator can be a sexual supplement, something that you add to your experience to improve it. For example, you can make love like normal, get off, and then use a vibrator on your wife to help her achieve a great orgasm.

The benefits here are huge. First, she can get off and experience the loving sensation that orgasms trigger. Next, you can feel better about your sexual prowess and more connected to her as a person. Lastly, vibrators can provide the steady and powerful stimulation that your wife needs to orgasm without wearing you out or taking over for you when you feel too exhausted to continue.

Just as importantly, you can buy multiple vibrators for her and use them in various experimental ways. There are options that can please both men and women, which makes them a powerful choice for a married couple struggling to connect sexually. As a man, you need to understand how to use vibrators properly to ensure that you get the fantastic experience that you both deserve as a couple.

Learning to Use a Vibrator Properly

Vibrators aren’t necessarily difficult to use: ask most women, and they could quickly tell you how to use one. However, men typically don’t have the same experience with them as women and may need a little guidance. Listening to your wife is a good idea here, as she can tell you how to use a vibrator to please her. Before you begin, it is still important to take the time to learn a few vibrator usage tips:

  • Experiment with angle and power to ensure that your wife gets off properly
  • Try to focus on her clitoris during stimulation to ensure that she achieves an orgasm
  • Watch her as you use the vibrator and change your approach if she seems distressed
  • Ask for suggestions and remember them for later when you use the vibrator again
  • Keep the pressure consistent and avoid changing your use until she orgasms
  • Try different rubbing motions, such as circular or back-and-forth actions, to help her get off

As we mentioned before, but feel is important enough to emphasize a few times, listening to your wife is vital here. She’ll tell you what is working and what is not. Adjust your vibrator use to ensure that you give her satisfaction. Just as importantly, you can learn from your vibrator use. Adjust your normal sexual actions to ensure that you can get her off while making love as well.

Pleasing Your Wife

As you can see, a powerful vibrator is a great addition to your sex life. Don’t forget that men can also use vibrators in many ways! Some come with penis-stimulating attachments that you can use to get off more quickly. You can even use them for anal stimulation if you’re experimental and want a new experience. There’s little that you can’t do with a water-protected vibrator.

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