With scarce job listings, dissipating job security and stagnant wages, people are looking for a second income. There are also a lot of people who have to stay back home and look for their ‘first job’, instead of extra earnings.

Our world has become more competitive than it was ever before and the worst part is artificial intelligence can take up several human jobs pretty soon. With constant competition and standards of living get higher day by day, most people need to think of extra income.

There are also people who turn to the digital world for a living and their life revolves around exchanging digital goods and services. We list down the top 10 steps to riches through online sources of income. These would help anybody looking for either their first job or additional earnings!

The best ways to make money online

The list below gives you a mix of both full-time and part-time options that can help you earn money. Find out what works best for you depending upon your credibility and need:

1. Write and sell e-books

People with a good flair in writing can write e-books. There is a lot of demand on books which address a particular niche, like explaining something technical, recording secret recipes, self-motivating topics, marketing, and more. Writing e-books and selling on Apple’s iTunes or Amazon’s Kindle program can grab a lot of money with little investment.

People who have had experiences, or have years of knowledge, that they want to pen down, can turn to writing. You might always have a different perspective that you think people need to know. You can start e-book writing as a part-time thing. However, once people start knowing and accepting your work, they will want more from you.

2. Fill in surveys

There are numerous survey sites which can be filled at any hour of the day. This is comparatively time-consuming but a no-brainer. It helps collect a lot of money when people can keep at it.

You need to turn to authentic websites that actually pay. You also need to figure out how much time you take to do these surveys to decide if it is beneficial for you or not. This is a great option for extra earnings, but probably not for full-time.

3. Sell Audio-books

Nowadays more than e-books people prefer audio-books, where they get audio and visual presentations. It helps them grab a subject more easily. This would require a little investment but aspirants can hire producers through a royalty share program. This doesn’t let them spend cash up front and they pay per hour instead.

4. Become a YouTuber

This is not the laziest way, but following the right steps and being persistent can help you reap forever. By promoting self-created music and videos, an artist or a vlogger can come to life.

The videos need to be attractive, well marketed, and most importantly add value to the platform. Once people start subscribing to you, it can reach you to great heights! This kind of digital work will need quite a few hours every day and also the minimum investment.

5. Betting with no-risk

Several betting sites let people bet for free by ‘matching’ them. These matched bets are risk-free, as the better is for and against a particular outcome. People can easily earn over $50 per hour from betting.

Betting can be a type of job that seems unethical to some. If you too think so, you can always skip to a better option. Just make sure you have enough access to online riches and you can prevent yourself from losing any money online.

6. Paid for research

This is one of the best ways to earn money. There are sites which pay for surfing through Bing, Yahoo, and Google. By installing their software, it lets people earn through their own searches. The more you are online, the more money you can make!

7. Online trading

This is one of the secrets to riches that yield a lot of money! The world of the stock market is now huge and anybody can be a part of it. Online trading platforms let you make your bid. It helps people know about industries and investments, along with having a great source of income.

You need to have a great sense of the online market to prevent yourself from loses. It can be extremely tempting but you can lose out on money. You need to be careful about your bid and also while choosing a reliable trading site.

8. Review websites and apps

This is a fun job where people research about websites and apps, to writes about them. They sign into review platforms, write reviews, and earn quick cash.

If you are a tech-savvy person and like to explore new apps, this can be a perfect task for you. Note that this kind of job is usually a part-time option for extra income.

9. Affiliate marketing

People who have a good social presence, own a blog or a vlog, can reach out to people for sponsors. In return, they place an advertisement and the audience gets a taste of both!

Affiliate marketing for Amazon is one of the easiest ways to grow. You add content in your website about products listed on Amazon, and if they get purchased through your reference you get a percentage of its share.

10. Try Lottery

Lottery is not lame but it does need luck. Lottoland is a reliable site to play the lottery. It is one of the secrets to riches that can provide a lump sum. You have to look for reliable online sites that let you try your luck and find out expert opinion at LottoLand review, for example, or other reviews.

Final thoughts

Every lazy secret to earning big online would require a little bit of knowledge and expertise. It is important to channelize one’s talent and wisdom, to earn some easy money.

You also need to understand where to put in your money. If lottery or trading is not the kind of risk you want to take up, you shouldn’t go ahead with them. You should choose a survey job or make money by watching ads. These take way much more time, but they don’t rob you of your earnings.

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