CBD has been the biggest trend in human health care and people are using it to treat various ailments and health issues. But now this trend is not restricted to just the human world, it has taken over pet health care as well and many pet owners are giving it to their furry buddies for various ailments, like inflammation, anxiety, pain, seizures, sleeplessness, etc. Now the question is: how to give CBD to your cats?

You might be thinking, “what’s the big deal? Just put it in their food. Simple!” Well, you are right. This is the simplest and most common way to give CBD to your cats. However, giving CBD through food might be the most common way, but it is not the most effective way.

In this way, CBD has to go through the digestive system before reaching the whole body. So this way, its potency and effectiveness is lost and it can’t show the desired effectiveness unless you add way too much amount of CBD oil. So, instead of wasting money on adding an extra amount of CBD to achieve the desired results, let’s find out alternative ways to give CBD to cats.

Here are given a few ways to administer CBD to your cat (other than adding it to food):

1.Apply on Gums or in Ears

If you talk about the most effective ways to give CBD to cats where CBD is not lost and directly becomes part of the blood stream, then there are two options: either rub it on their gums or in their ear. These two body parts are the best to easily make CBD part of the blood stream.

But being a pet owner, you know it is not that much easier to tame your cats. They will not happily let you rub it to their gums and touch their ears. So, if this method works on a few cats – it’s great – buy then what about others? Read on to know a few other methods.

2.Rub on Paw Pads

In case you don’t know, our cutie pies have super sensitive paw pads because of the presence of many blood vessels in this area. So, if the above method is not easier to achieve for you, go with this method. Gently rub the CBD oil on paw pads of kitties and it will easily get absorbed in their bloodstream.

The good news is that this method is not that hard to achieve. Most cats are used to letting others touch their paws because of nail clipping activity. But still, if a cat shows any resistance, let them get familiar with you touching their paws, and then apply the CBD. Hopefully, it will work!

3.CBD Treats

CBD industry is growing at a rapid pace that means introduction of innovative ways to consume CBD. So, all thanks to this advancement, there are various CBD products for cat in the market that you can choose from. Among all these options, CBD treats are the favorite of cat owners because they are easier to give and cats love them too.

You can easily find CBD pet treats for cats in the market. What makes these treats a good option is that these treats doesn’t contain just CBD. (adderall) They come up with a pack of other nutritions, flavors, and supplements that make these treats a power pack of health boosting ingredients. Through this method, our four-legged friend gets benefits of CBD and other supplements in one go.

4.CBD Tincture

Just like humans, there are CBD tinctures for pets as well. In this method, you administer CBD sublingually. The trick is to put a few drops of CBD tincture under the tongue of cats and it will easily become part of their body because there are blood vessels under the tongue. But again, many cats are not good enough that they easily let you touch their face and happily let you put tincture under their tongue.

Generally, cats don’t like being messed up with their face. So, you might have to undergo some struggle to successfully implement this method.

Final Words

Now you know there are many ways to give CBD to your pets to help them live a healthy and comfortable life. But despite having so many options, these all might not be the right and best options for your buddy. Always select the method based on a few things: easier to implement, give maximum CBD benefits, and cost effective. This selection criteria will help you get the most out of your money and see your healthy kitty without having too much trouble.

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