As long as you possess the self-restraint to keep it within limits, real money pokies can be an experience unlike any other. Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time player, there’s something to be found for everyone in this genre. To make sure you stay within the boundaries of what’s considered healthy, take the following to heart:

  1. Keep the bet sizes small

If your objective is to prolong the amount of time you’ll be enjoying the game, it’s best to keep the bet sizes small, whether you’re winning or losing. By sticking to a fixed budget, not even a prolonged losing session will deplete your entire reserves. At the same time, it will help keep your spending in check – some players quickly fall into the trap of increasing the bet size when things are going well, only to find the hard way that the trend can reverse at any time.

  1. Take regular breaks

Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, don’t forget to take a break every so often. Whether it be taking a walk or grabbing a bite to eat, this will help keep your head clear and your emotions stable. Not only is this a sensible thing to do from the perspective of satisfying your base needs, it will also keep you on the right track and away from deviating from your chosen strategy and budgeting plan.

  1. Walk away when you’re ahead

At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel like they’ve accomplished something, so there’s nothing wrong with being satisfied with small wins and locking them in by choosing to walk away when things are going well. So what’s a reasonable amount? For some, it can be , while others won’t be satisfied with 0 – it completely depends on your risk tolerance, starting budget, preferred bet sizes, etc. (Modafinil) Another variation of this is to only continue the current session by risking what you’ve earned and pocketing the rest, thus essentially playing with the house’s money.

  1. Play while you’re well-rested

Since playing pokies at the airport is what many under-slept travelers choose to do to pass the time during a layover, this is easier said than done. Nevertheless, making sure you’re well rested before you start playing will keep you from making decisions that are based on your current emotional state. At the same time, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of sobriety; a couple of drinks is fine, but you should always drink responsibly.

  1. Research the casino if you’re playing online

Since there are so many licensed and regulated online casinos that are considered safe to play at, there’s no justifiable reason to go with the first one you’ve happened to come across – unfortunately, there are many fly-by-night operations in this industry. By doing your due diligence, you’ll make it more likely to choose an online casino provider that takes the safety and security of their users seriously and that there won’t be any issues with payouts.

Since there are no overly complex rules to study, pokies remain one of the most popular forms of gambling.


Since playing pokies is easy to get into, this game genre remains many people’s all-time favorite. Still, to make your experience a safe and fulfilling one, you should always make sure to keep the above tips in mind.

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