A mindful cannabis consumption practice can soothe both mind and body. Discipline and restraint are essential, especially for beginner smokers.

Consider vaporizing rather than smoking your herb, as it is more controllable, less harmful to your lungs, and retains more of the plant’s flavor. Try a vaporizer like the Firefly and start with small doses.


Mindfulness is about living fully in the present moment, and breathwork is one of the most accessible tools to help you achieve this state. Try lying down and focusing on breathing for 3-5 minutes, noticing how your body feels.

You can also try belly breathing, which involves placing your hand on your stomach and slowly inhaling until you feel your belly rise. Then, slowly exhale and let your belly deflate. Repeat this cycle a few times.

For instance, a unique breathwork technique in a water bottle bong is bee breath, which involves placing your index fingers on the cartilage flap between your jaw and ear and gently pressing it while humming like a bee. Some people who combine Wim Hof breathing with weed report experiencing powerful shifts in consciousness, bodily shaking, and visual imagery.


The smell is one of the most immediate senses that connect to our emotions. If you enjoy a sweet treat or smoke a cigarette after a stressful meeting, the brain learns to associate those feelings with that scent and flavor.

Herbalist Drew Martin, the founder of HRBLS and Pharmakon Supernatural, says smoking herbs is a way to explore the medicinal properties of plants. He likes terpene-rich plants with relaxing or sleep-inducing effects, like lavender and skullcap, or ones with euphoric properties, like calendula and gotu kola.

He says he also likes to use herbal aromatherapy, applying oil infused with a specific herb or flower on his body and inhaling the scent. This practice can help him feel more grounded and in touch with his high.


Smudging is a ritual that clears negative energy from your space. You can use various plant materials, including sage, sweet grass, or cedar. If you’re smudging your entire house or workspace, start at the front door and gently waft the smoke around every room and corner, including inside closets and cabinets.

Smudging may sound a little witchy, but it’s an easy and inexpensive mindfulness ritual that can be done anywhere. Even if you don’t believe in clearing negative energy with herbs, the scent alone can chill you out and help you think more clearly. Plus, it’s another way to get more oxygen into your brain, boosting your mood and improving mental clarity. Try our Heavily Meditated blend for this purpose!


Bringing mindfulness to cannabis consumption is all about being aware and present. It’s okay if your mind wanders, but notice it and return to focusing on your breath and physical sensations in the body.

Many people use weed to enhance meditation and yoga practices. Some people who practice Wim Hof breathing claim weed helps them achieve more profound shifts in consciousness and bodily shaking.

While smoking can be a great way to connect with the cannabis experience, vaporization is a healthier alternative for your lungs, and you can control your intake by pacing yourself. Consider our Heavily Meditated blend if you want to feel that Cloud9 effect while cultivating a deep connection with your mindfulness practice. We think you’ll find it’s a match made in heaven

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