Of the various health and wellness issues that have traditionally come with stigmas and taboos attached to them, none rivals the hang-ups people have had about sexual health. Fortunately, those days are starting to be behind us as sex education is much more common in schools, and many of today’s adults were taught about sex from a more scientific standpoint.

However,  mr skin what makes sexual health unique is that it isn’t a solo health issue, as most others are; it’s tied directly to your relationship with your partner. Since it is impossible to have a healthy sexual relationship if one partner is unfulfilled, it becomes essential to participate in activities that provide satisfaction for both parties.

A great resource for many couples is sex toys. Adding things like vibrators, a clit sucker, or other accessories can greatly enhance the experience and add heightened pleasure to any encounter. Here are 5 examples that can add spice to your love life:

  1. Clit Sucker or Massager 

For most females, the clitoris is the most sensitive and erogenous area on their body. Focused stimulation here oftentimes leads to the most intense and satisfying orgasms. However, it can be difficult to provide this attention during intercourse. That’s what makes devices designed to mimic oral stimulation not only popular but also highly effective in elevating the user’s gratification. 

  1. Various Styles of Vibrator

Vibrators are perhaps the most versatile and diverse of all sex toys, as they come in many different sizes, shapes, and functions. They are among the original sex toys, from the bygone days when any sexual accessory or device was considered immoral or deviant. Their continued popularity and longevity are partly due to the fact that there are so many different options available that it’s easy for users to find something they enjoy.

  1. Vibrating Cock Rings

These devices are designed to be worn at the base of the penis during intercourse. The adjustable, vibrating pulses provide enhanced pleasure for both the wearer and the one who is being penetrated. And much like a clit sucker, it amplifies stimulation on the clitoris, producing duel sensations along with the vaginal stimulation of intercourse.

  1. Sensory Play and Oils

Introducing things such as massage oils, blindfolds, feathers, candles, and other sensual, sensory-stimulating items can open up a whole new world of pleasure. Experiment with different temperatures, textures, and techniques to maximize pleasure.

  1. Light Bondage Play

Unless you and your partner are experienced in this area, it’s highly recommended that you start off gently. For some couples, a little kink is a lot of fun. Experimenting with activities like silky restraints, blindfolds, or light spanking with a hand or small paddle are safe and easy ways to find out if this type of activity is something you and your partner would enjoy exploring further.

Improving Your Sex Life with Toys

Perhaps you and your partner have been enjoying adult toys in your adult time for many years. Or, you may be looking into experimenting for the first time. Just remember, open and judgment-free communication is the key. It is essential that you both feel comfortable enough to express your thoughts and desires; otherwise, you are defeating the purpose of opening up and expanding your relationship. 

As long as you focus on a deeper connection while prioritizing mutual satisfaction and pleasure, you should be rewarded with a wonderful experience together.

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