What Made Poker To be So Popular

 The roots of poker are noted to be traced as far as the 10th century, back then having the form of a Domino game but played with cards. And it started in the Asian continent.

Another version for the origins of poker, is thought to be from Europe, during the 17th century and having the base of a French game called Poque. The rules included bluffing as a game strategy.

Poker as a form known to us, was refined during 1830 – 1840’s in the USA, a five-cards for each participant type of game. Poker has always been a very popular choice, but ever since the opening for tournaments in the 70’s, the game became even more impressive for a larger audience. The World Series Poker took the playing to another level, making internationally known the names of the most important participants and winners.

The game’s most famous forms are Texas Hold’em, without any doubt this is the most played style around the world. Other very well known versions are Omaha, Chicago Low or High, the 7 Cards Stud or the 5 Cards Stud. But Poker has many styles developed, some of them are not at all known by the large community of fans.

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Because playing poker is not something that is done just by hoping to have good-luck, it gets its best form by having participants that offer great implication, attention, abilities and strong know-how. Poker is a game played against the opponents; the bets don’t go against the house. For this reason, it also requires to closely observe the gambling style of those at the table, for a better understanding of their choices in the future hands.

Blind Man’s Bluff

Perhaps this is the most thrilling version of poker, and also the most unpredictable one. All the players must place the cards on their forehead. The cards are visible to all the participants, but not to the person they were dealt to.

The instinct can be used by observing the cards of all the players and assuming the values of your own cards based on that. The exercise is really good for developing great poker skills and learning what hands to play and what hands to fold.

Countdown Hold’em

Of course, this is a version of the very well-known Texas Hold’em. The Countdown Hold’em has very simple principles. Each player is given number 5 cards, during the flop phase each has to discard one, later on during the turn again discard one more and the same after the river.  The participants get to choose if to include both cards, just one card or even none of the cards held in hand and just go for the community ones.

The game can also sustain the inclusion of other different versions of poker. Players are allowed to discard pre flop or just go ahead and use 4, 6, 7cards. And it can be with pot limit or no limit at all.

Tic-Tac-Toe Poker

The oldest versions of poker include Tic-Tac-Toe. Every participant gets a hand of 4 cards. And 9 other cards are the community cards, they are faced-down and arranged in rows of three just like the scheme in Tic-Tac-Toe. Each betting round will reveal 3 community cards.

The players get to use two of their own cards and 3 of the community cards by position, not randomly. For example, a line of three community cards that is the first row, or a line of 3 that is vertical or diagonal.

Players get to choose from many options, so the game is very vibrant and abundant in alternatives for excellent poker hands.

Wild Poker

As the name is clarifying a lot for this version of poker, Wild Poker is intense and very surprising. It has the highest factor variance and also the highest effect of luck.

The game includes cards that are known as wild and that can be used as substitutes for any other symbol in the deck. The players must establish from the beginning of the game that the jokers will be the deuces.

One of the strongest hands in Wild Poker is a 5-card formation, including a joker. And the invincible hand is a 4 Aces and a joker as the 5th Ace.

If you choose to make it even more interesting, you can decide to have even more wild cards, not just 4. The format of the game permits this move and the game is turning into one that is even more reliant on a stroke of luck.

Cincinnati Poker

This version is a very famous one for the USA. Each participant is dealt a number of 4 cards, but the cards are placed face-up on the table. It is allowed to get any possible combination of a player’s cards and community cards, to get the best final 5 cards.

As the game goes through the betting rounds, there will only be revealed 1 community card per round.  The uniqueness of the game comes from the fact that each player gets a total of 8 cards to choose from and establish what is the best and winning hand.

Some of these fun and thrilling versions of poker are also available online. You can search for them and give them a try, they will for sure bring a lot of excitement and perhaps improve your skills. And even offer better chances to win. Enjoy them and also keep a responsible gambling style so that you can appreciate this great activity.


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