CBD is not a strange name, especially for those who love hemp and all its derivatives. You may have even tried one or more CBD products. But do you know various strains make CBD and other cannabis derivatives distinct and enjoyable? Banana Kush is one of them.

Hemp is no longer what it used to be. While it will never be boring, you can take it up a notch to get all the effects and benefits. Banana kush is a hybrid strain derived by mixing Skunk Haze and Ghost OG.

This combination makes it unique and distinct, characteristics you will not find with every strain. Moreover, the banana kush strain tastes as the name suggests: a hint of banana and a little of other fruits. The strain makes taking CBD products easy, especially CBD oil, because it tastes slightly bitter.

Let’s explain how you can use it, so you have a better understanding of the beauty of various strains. When you pick one, you must know the possible effects and whether you can handle it. Banana kush may taste heavenly, but remember that it may be too strong, especially for beginners.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is part of the cannabis plant, what we call marijuana. Cannabis is a broad name that covers many aspects, and hemp and marijuana are only parts of the plant. CBD is only one of the active compounds in plants, which means you can find it in marijuana and hemp.

It is not psychoactive, meaning it does not produce the feeling of ‘high’ associated with hemp and marijuana. You can find more here if you want information about the compound. This compound is one of the most popular ones from the cannabis plant, second only to tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

THC is another compound from the plant and can be found in hemp and marijuana. However, it only occurs in trace amounts in hemp while occurring in large quantities in marijuana. CBD from marijuana may have a little psychoactive effect, but that from hemp has little or no effect. Nevertheless, CBD has impressive health benefits, although research is ongoing to understand and verify its effectiveness.

What Are CBD Strains?

Strains are various types of marijuana categorized based on their effects. The primary strains are sativa, indica, and hybrid. The Sativa strain produces an energizing and bubbling effect, making you want to tackle the day’s business. The indica strain has a more calming effect, producing mellowness that makes you want to lie down and rest. Hybrid combines the other two strains, as the name suggests.

However, there are newer marijuana strains that make the older ones become a little obsolete. Examples include Pineapple Express, White Widow, Afghan Kush, Sour Diesel, and Banana Kush. Each strain has a unique THC strength, and how much you take depends on your tolerance. Banana Kush has about 21% THC, although some farmers claim it can reach as high as 27% with careful cultivation methods.

You are most likely to find banana kush CBD flavor in CBD flower. This flower is part of the cannabis plant but is the dried bud of the plant. The best part of a CBD flower is that it is not psychoactive.

However, when it is the banana kush CBD flower, it becomes a powerful recreational drug, enough to help you fight depression and stress and help you sleep. This strain can also make you euphoric, which is helpful in social situations. If you are creative, it can inspire you by activating your creative juices. This resource https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/ has more information about these strains.


Why Banana Kush CBD?

This strain combines CBD and THC to produce both compounds’ perks. You miss nothing if you opt to go for it. Plus, you can use it as a flower or find it infused in black drops, cartridges, and vapes.

1. Amazing Flavour

Do you know the smell and taste of fresh bananas? Combine that with the smell and taste of vanilla, and you may be close to understanding the fantastic flavour of banana kush. It is delicious, fruity, easy to handle, and hard to pass.

These are some reasons the flavour is loved and preferred over others. You enjoy the strain’s benefits while swimming in the unique flavor.

2. Easy to Grow

Apart from buying the product, you can also grow banana kush in your garden or indoors. It needs a warm and dry climate, so you may need to provide the right environment for the strain to thrive.

Still, it is one of the easiest to plant and grow because it has a strong growing profile and is resistant to pests and mold. You do not need any prior experience, although it helps to know something about growing weed to get a rewarding harvest.

3. Potent Effect

The strain provides a buzz and helps you relax. Since it has a hybrid profile, it combines the effects of sativa and indica. Banana kush calms you while giving you a buzz to get you going for a productive day. It may also help soothe your body, relieve pain, improve your mood, and manage stress and pain.

4. High CBD Content

The high CBD content means you get all the compound’s benefits. It interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system to regulate the body’s core processes, such as mood, sleep, and appetite.

Also, the endocannabinoid system positively affects the immune system, preventing certain illnesses. However, it is not yet clear how it works, and there is no scientific conclusion to these findings, so there is no medical backing for the information.


Banana kush is among the best strains because of its flavour and effects. Growing it yourself is easy, but you can find it online in reputable stores and dispensaries. The best part is combining it with other strains to make something unique. However, ensure you use it safely because of its potency, especially if you are new to using maximum-strength strains.

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