Getting into a new relationship can come with a whole wave of awkwardness. Getting comfortable with a new partner might take effort, and it is usually easier to ease into it gradually. Dirty talk is the perfect way to ease into a new sexual relationship. Dirty talk involves discussing sex and sexual acts with your partner before engaging in the sex acts.  Dirty talks help to set the tone for your sexual encounter. A mind is a powerful place, and sex starts from the mind. Some would say that the mind is the most powerful sexual organ. However, many people find it awkward to articulate their sexual thoughts and desires. So how do you go about bringing dirty talk into your relationship? 

How Dirty Talk Can Spice Up a Relationship 

There is ample evidence to support the notion that dirty talk can improve a relationship. It’s not hard to see how this can be possible. We are generally very imaginative creatures, and sex as an activity uses up much of our imagination. Dirty talk helps to heighten this sense of imagination and gives the body something to look forward to. 

In addition, relationships are sustained by two major parts; the romantic and the sexual. When one is lacking, the other can hardly survive. Dirty talk significantly improves the quality of your sexual relationship, thereby improving the overall well-being of your relationship.

How to Introduce Dirty Talk into A New Relationship 

As stated earlier, dirty talk can be a little awkward for many people. It’s one thing to entertain erotic thoughts in your mind. It is another thing to say them out loud. Here are some tips to help you introduce dirty talk into your new or old relationship. 

1.Ask Questions 

One of the biggest mistakes people make in trying out dirty talks or sexual activity is assuming they know what the other person wants. Many would rather assume what would get their partner in the mood than ask. Preconceived ideas based on pornography and other sexual encounters often colour our participation in any sexual encounter. You must make a conscious effort not to bring those old ideas into your sex life. 

2.Start Virtually 

Another tip for introducing dirty talk into your relationship is to start over the phone. If you are new to dirty talk, the best thing to always do is to try it over the phone first. If you are starting to get comfortable with your partner, you don’t want dirty talk to introduce new levels of awkwardness into the relationship, so you might want to take things easy a bit. 

3.Read Erotica 

Well, dirty talk is not small nor your regular conversation for everyday situations. Dirty talk is not something you learn just from observing the rest of the world. You have to consciously learn the right way to do dirty talk before you end up as a joke. Reading erotic literature and other materials gives you an idea of what you should say and how. 


Practice the dirty talk. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you and your partner are not going to go straight from arguing about tweets and other issues online to stripping each other naked with your words. It would take much practice to get used to talking dirty with your new partner, so get to it. With your partner’s consent, you can practice your dirty talk during a girl live cam

5.Know Your Partner’s Love Language and Communicate Yours 

Saying the right thing makes dirty talk an erotic act instead of just the sound of a broken sex toy. A partner whose love language you know will hardly find your attempts at dirty talk funny because you are more likely to be spot on in your approach to them. The dirty talk shouldn’t be a one-way street, meaning that as much as you are putting effort into learning your partner’s love and sex language, you should let them know yours and put some effort into your sex life too. 

6.Try To Relax

Like every other thing, nerves do not help. Relax and say things as they come to your mind. Remember, it is not a poetry contest; you don’t need rhymes and all the figures of speech in the world to tell your partner you want to take off their panties, 

And ship by upping the stakes. You and your partner can introduce some “punishment” in your games. It can include some activities on the BDSM spectrum. Or play strip poker. 

7.Try Mutual Masturbation with a Cam Girl

What’s better than mutual masturbation with your partner? Mutual masturbation with your partner and a cam girl. It’s better experienced than explained. 

8.Try Strip Tease and Role Play with a Cam Girl  

You can get on a call with a cam girl live and play stripping games with one another. You and your partner can also experiment with role-playing. Get into your costumes and turn on the webcam.

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