In today’s world of growing anxiety, the newest and most fashionable synthetic treatments aren’t always up to the task. More and more people struggle with anxiety, stress, lack of motivation, etc. So, maybe it’s time to let nature step in?

The medical use of marijuana is old as time. It was used to help with stomach aches and nausea and even as an anesthetic. Recreational use wasn’t the main purpose of cultivating hemp in the past. More recently, scientists have said that the early cannabis plants contained very low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that has a psychoactive effect. But, due to the breeding and selection, in modern strains, the percent of THC is higher. ( Watermelon Zkittlez, for example, is a perfect breed for stress relief and emotional boost. It was first released in 2020 and has since developed a fanbase. It can be a flawless end to a difficult day. 

Can Marijuana Provide an Uplift for a Creator?

It seems every representative of every creative profession has faced a lack of inspiration at some point in their careers. And even though it is so common, not everyone is able to face the challenge and successfully overcome it. 

There are different approaches to increasing creativity. Some say going for a walk will boost it; others advise you to relax and do nothing. Well, these recommendations are all based on an evidentiary basis and may well prove effective. 

But what to do if these methods don’t work? We think you should try to use cannabis to take advantage of its benefits.

Does It Really Work?

The short answer is yes. There are some details, though. What should be said is that scientists still haven’t come to a consensus regarding marijuana-enhanced creativeness. But we have.

There are various breeds and mixes of cannabis. They all have different combinations and effects. Some act as relaxants, while others as energetics. So, try to keep in mind that marijuana itself, as some researchers claim, doesn’t affect creativity. Though, different combinations and effects may.

Relaxation Effect

Sometimes all you need is to take a break and have a rest. Or just take the edge off. After hours spent brainstorming and thinking, it is essential to let your brain immerse into a haze. 

Also, cannabis is one of the best means to treat insomnia. So, if you need a deep, full night’s sleep to start working, then you should buy or grow some of the following breeds. 

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Breeds:

  • Hindu Kush;
  • Grandaddy Purple;
  • Harlequin;
  • Grape Ape;
  • Girl Scout Cookies.

They softly kick in and work as sedatives: they make you sleepy, relieve muscle tension and ease your thoughts. A clear head is the best start to a productive day. 

Energetic Effect

Famous for relaxation and dazing effects, this is far from all that cannabis can do. The breeds listed below work like a cup of coffee: they exhilarate you. If you need to refresh and cheer up in order to be gushing with new and inventive ideas, then try some of them.

‘Espresso’ breeds:

  • Durban Poison;
  • Green Crack;
  • XJ-13;
  • Sour Diesel;
  • Super Silver Haze.

They boost your motivation, productivity, and creativity. One of the listed breeds can provide the perfect start to a brainstorming session. It can also be used as an energy charge before training.

Euphoria Effect

Euphoria – a state of enthusiasm and joy – is what most people strive for when they try marijuana for the first time. This kind of condition can really be a creativeness accelerator. It can help you to look at your assignment, artwork, problem – anything, really – from a different perspective. 

With your mind not being clouded with depressing thoughts, your creativity can multiply significantly. 

Euphoria Breeds:

  • Green Crack;
  • Serious Happiness;
  • Laughing Buddha;
  • Lamb’s Bread;
  • Black Diamond.

Euphoria is a result of a dopamine increase which provides motivation, bliss, and concentration. So, for some, marijuana can become an emergency tool to bring dopamine to a normal, healthy level, and for others, to increase it slightly, but only if it’s not taken on a regular basis.

Psychological Effects

First of all, these include mood shifts. Changing mood may be helpful when trying to find new ideas. Mood swings produce a shift of the view, a chance to have an alternative look at your mission.

They give you a sensory boost. They change the way you see and interpret the world itself. Colors seem brighter, sounds seem louder, and sensations seem enhanced. A new perspective is what you need while stuck with a task. 

Hallucinations. These are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, especially for creative people. Seeing, feeling something that you have never seen before. Up to 86% of people find their hallucinations helpful. 

Forms of Marijuana Usage

Cigarettes and pods are not the only way to consume cannabis. There are various forms that vary in their physical form, chemical composition, and dosage.


  • classic or powdered leaves and flowers;
  • oils, sprays, tinctures;
  • cookies, cakes, and other sweets;
  • concentrate;
  • pills and capsules.

You get to choose which consumption method is more suitable for you. Smoking isn’t everyone’s favorite, and nor should it be. 


Dosage is essential! The result can be quite the opposite if the dosage is too large or too small. Define your goal, your preferred form of usage, and strain. Try to make your way as independently as possible. 

Also, remember that marijuana itself doesn’t affect your creativity and productivity. It creates conditions for you to find inspiration, clear your head, and get a motivation boost. It’s up to you to use it. 

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