Flavours are the new hype for vapers; sometimes, they attract smokers, too, because of their huge variety and the possibility of creating something new. No doubt, e liquid offer you a huge opportunity to customise your vape juice and make it just like what you have thought; even the pre-prepared e-juices have room for customisation. 

Use Of Different Flavoured E-liquid In the Same Device:

This might look like a simple question, but it can be answered in two ways. It depends on what you intend to do, whether you are seeking the answer for using the same kit but changing the e-liquid flavours or you are thinking about mixing two different flavoured e-liquids and using them in one vape kit at the same time. 

Using The Same Vape Kit And Different Flavours:

If you are using a refillable vape device and are wondering whether it is possible to vape with different eliquid flavours, then yes, it is feasible. You just need to be mindful that the wick does not contain any residual e-juice. Because if there are remnants of the previous flavour in your vape tank, adding a new flavour might lead to mixing two and creating a non-delectable flavour; in that case, your newly-purchased vape liquid will be ruined, along with your money spent on it.

Mixing E-liquid Flavours In The Same Kit:

Mixing different flavours is possible, but it is a tricky situation; sometimes, it can lead to awesome results, and sometimes, it would be awful, but a person learns from experience, so you can keep trying. Mixing e liquid is quite fun as it gives you unexpected results, and it is quite cheap too.

So, if you want to have a low-costing, fun hobby, this might be the one for you! You just have to keep a few things in mind before mixing different e-juices; some are mentioned below:

  • Make sure that both of them have the same nicotine form. Whether it is freebase or nic salt, both bottles should have the same nicotine composition.
  • Try to use identical brand e-liquids because, sometimes, the PG and VG content of two different brands do not mix well.
  • Ensure that both vape juices are of high quality so they do not end up ruining the other’s good composition.
  • Try to use such flavours that you already love or at least one such flavour that you already like; this will increase your success rate.

Customisation Opportunity:

Mixing different flavoured e-liquids and using them in the same electronic cigarette is possible and allows you to customise e-juice. You can try countless flavour combinations at a reasonable price and control the nic salt concentration and PG/VG ratio. There is a world of endless possibilities in the world of experimenting with different eliquid flavours.  

You can absolutely vape two flavours at the same time in one vape kit; it just requires a little consideration and some luck to hit the jackpot. If you love combination flavours, there is a massive variety of them in the market already. But if you want to experiment with them, go on and have fun learning something new!

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