CBD, a compound from the marijuana plant, is increasing in popularity in recent years as more and more people are realizing the beneficial factors that it has to offer. CBD, cannabidiol, creates feelings of ease and calmness while also helping to reduce pain and discomfort in various areas of the body. Users can ingest CBD in the form of a pill, edible or oil, or they can use it topically. Lets know about the benefits and uses of CBD for seniors especially.

CBD is beneficial for users of all ages but can be especially beneficial for seniors. As people age, it’s common for them to start to develop various issues; some issues due to age, others attributed to illness and cancer. These issues can impact the quality of one’s life, making everyday tasks unbearable and uncomfortable due to pain; and oftentimes, the only solution to this pain is harsh medicines and treatments that have their own uncomfortable side effects.

However, in recent years CBD has started to become recognized as a solution to alleviating one’s symptoms.

What Can Seniors Use CBD For?

CBD can alleviate a senior’s discomfort and pain in a variety of different areas. Whether a senior is living at home alone, with in-home senior care, or in a nursing facility, he or she can purchase CBD online or from a holistic manufacturer and begin using right away, no prescription is required.  Here are the most common ways that seniors can use CBD to their benefit.

Chronic Pain

CBD is perhaps most used to treat chronic pain in users. Since CBD does not need to be prescribed by a doctor, as it does not contain THC, seniors can purchase CBD and use it to treat some of the following conditions.


A common symptom in seniors, CBD can make the effects of arthritis less severe and uncomfortable. CBD features anti-inflammatory properties and when used topically can offer natural pain relief. 

Neurogenic Damage

Neurogenic damage is common in seniors, especially those that have experienced a heart attack or stroke; and unfortunately, there are very few known ways to alleviate the side effects of neurogenic damage. However, CBD is known to suppress neuropathic pain, therefore, it can aid in the discomfort one may feel after suffering neurogenic damage. 

Sciatica Pain

Like arthritis, when using CBD to treat sciatica pain, it’s best to use it topically. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help fight the inflammation pain and can help seniors sit and stand more comfortably. (getzonedup.com)  

Cancer-related Pain

Cancer and cancer treatment are among some of the most painful things that seniors may go through. No matter the type of cancer, a senior’s life becomes harder, especially during treatment. Cancer can attack a certain area of a senior’s body and make it unbearable for him or her to live life to the fullest; this is true for cancer treatments as well. However, CBD has the ability to alleviate some of the pain that one feels from cancer and from his or her treatment.

Though CBD does not cure cancer, it can greatly benefit the quality of one’s life by making the side effects bearable and less painful. Depending on the type of cancer, CBD can be beneficial when applied topically or when ingested. 

Sleeping Problems

One of the most common things that CBD is being used for in seniors is to treat sleeping issues. It’s common for people of all ages to deal with sleeping problems, however, the older one gets, the more difficult it is to get sustained periods of deep sleep.

Often, when a senior goes to a doctor for insomnia, the doctor will prescribe medicine that often has unpleasant side effects; CBD is an alternative to this medication. CBD relaxes the mind and body and can allow users to fall into a deeper sleep for an extended period of time. Deep sleep is important for seniors as the appropriate amount of rest can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are common in seniors for a number of reasons. Some seniors may experience these emotions after losing a loved one, or some seniors may experience these emotions after an injury or being diagnosed with a disease/illness. No matter the reason, these emotions are unpleasant and will impact one’s life.

CBD is a great alternative to prescription anxiety and depression medications that will create positive feelings of relaxation and ease. CBD can boost one’s mood in a side-effect-free way and will allow a senior to deal with his or her emotions. When using CBD to treat anxiety and depression, one should ingest it in the form of oil, tea, or an edible. 


CBD has been found to relieve intraocular pressure in the eye, therefore making it a good solution to treating and alleviating the symptoms of glaucoma, a common eye condition in seniors. Additionally, more and more studies are pointing to CBD as a way to prevent glaucoma before it even starts.

Can CBD Help Me?

If you are a senior, or you have a senior in your life, it’s worth your while to consider using CBD as a way to treat ailments, sicknesses, and any other bodily issues one may have. It’s important to do your research in order to find a reputable brand that will treat your symptoms the best. As you look into different CBD brands, make sure to stay up to date with the latest news in CBD breakthroughs, you may find that CBD is the solution that you have been looking for. 


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