Poker is a game that may have been around for centuries already, but that has not stopped its evolution and subsequent growth in recent years from being stagnated.

Technology has been huge in the development of the game, with it now possible to play poker online. Players are able to find new experiences of the classic casino title, with digital versions providing something new that can help to create an immersive session.

However, while tech has played a role on a global scale, it would appear that there have been other developments that have helped card games like Poker to become more appealing. One version of the game that has increased in popularity is Guandan, which is enjoyed widely in China and even other countries around the world.

What is Guandan?

Guandan is a game that originates from the Huaian, Jiangsu region of China, and has often been called “Chinese bridge” because of the way it is played. However, if you were to translate “Guandan” into English, you would find that it would mean “throwing eggs”. Thankfully, there is no throwing of eggs involved, but players can obtain excitement in other ways in this burgeoning poker game.

In order to play, there are two teams of two players that will race against each other in order to win. To win, they need to be able to get rid of their playing cards as quickly as possible, with these being based on the poker hands that can be achieved. They can use traditional poker hands like straights, full house, pairs and even single cards. Players are able to communicate with their teammate, where they can discuss strategies and tactics that might help them to achieve the win.

Guandan’s rise in popularity

Although it might not be one of the most renowned poker games available today like Texas Hold’em or Omaha, Guandan is certainly starting to make its presence felt across mainland China and in some sections around the world.

It has grown from being a local pastime that was enjoyed by those based in Huaian to a game that is enjoyed nationwide as a leisure activity. There are even instances in which it has been used to strike and form relationships with Americans and other nations when trying to conduct business deals. Authorities have recognized the game’s popularity and want to try and turn it into a more formal sport. 

According to estimates, it is believed that there are more than 130 million Guandan players in China alone, with more than a third of these (50 million+) thought to have been based in the Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. The game is starting to emerge and become a huge craze, with it being played in over 10 provinces nationwide, while there have been claims that it has gone as far as Canada and Australia.

Could Gaundan’s popularity increase elsewhere?

Given that poker games are now widely accessible with the advent of the internet and specialized sites offering them, it would not be a surprise if Guandan’s popularity were to continue to expand and grow in the years to come. Technology has made it possible for numerous variants to co-exist and work, and there should not be too many issues implementing a way in which this game can work, too.

Gamers are continually looking for new experiences with each session that they enjoy and there are numerous ways in which this card game can offer that. Social gaming has continued to escalate in terms of its own popularity and with players required to be in teams, Gaundan could be an excellent game for those who desire interaction and want to work with one another.

Elsewhere, while classic poker variants may still be more popular, there will be many who will be intrigued by the possibility of being able to play a new type of game and trying their hand at it. It gives players an opportunity to further enhance their passion for the casino classic in a new way, and one which might better suit their playing style.


Given its popularity in China and its emergence in other countries, it really would not be a surprise if we were to see Guandan become a global sport and one that is widely enjoyed by populations around the globe.

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