In 2022, online betting has become more popular than ever before. Websites for betting have been around since the late 90s and early 2000s. However, it is only in very recent years that these services have skyrocketed in popularity. This has everything to do with the improvements made in software technology and computer science.

In the United States, the most popular sport to bet on is the National Football League. However, many betting sites are headquartered outside of the United States. These so-called offshore betting sites offer some pretty great coverage of NFL matches. However, as they are so numerous, the question of “How do I choose a sportsbook?” is always there.

So, in this article, we would like to give you some tips for choosing the best offshore sites for online sports betting.

Look for Licenses

The first thing you must do to find the best offshore sites that can be trusted is to make sure that the websites are licensed. What exactly does this mean? Well, it is quite simple. A licensed sportsbook has been reviewed and approved by a notable gambling authority. Some of the more popular and internationally accepted licenses are issued by the Great Britain Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Association, and others.

For a long time, during the early years of online betting and gambling, many websites appeared that operated without a license. These websites would often take advantage of their lack of a license to stack the deck against the player, making unfair odds, much too low payouts, and giving themselves an unfair advantage. Nowadays, this practice is much less prevalent. However, some still attempt these underhanded tactics. For that reason, always ensure the website you are using is licensed.

Don’t Break Laws

Before you start betting online, make sure that what you are doing is legal. Not every country allows online sports betting. For example, in Canada, betting was only recently legalized online. If we are focusing on the USA, there are certain states where online sportsbooks are still illegal. However, you will find that most states do allow for online sports betting.

But this doesn’t mean that offshore sportsbooks are legal. So, before you check out offshore sportsbooks, make sure that what you are doing is not against the laws of your region or state. Luckily for Americans, there are no federal laws prohibiting online betting, so if your state allows using offshore websites, you should have no problems.

Check Out Promotions

Many online sportsbooks draw in a huge crowd of bettors by offering promotions and bonuses for certain sports. For example, quite a few bookies will feature free bet bonuses for NFL betting, the goal of which are to help you win a bet on a football match.

Offshore sportsbooks are especially known for offering some fantastic bonuses. These can be free bets upon signing up, a free bet club, or some bonuses and advantages given to players when they place multiple bets.

Check Out Reviews

Before you dedicate yourself to a website, it is natural that you make sure the website fits your style. The best way to do this, without investing time into the site, is to check out reviews written by numerous users of the bookie, past or present. Checking out different reviews will give you numerous perspectives on the website and help you formulate an opinion and decide whether the bookie is worth your time. (

Look for Mobile Compatibility

There will come a time when you will want to place a bet while on the go. You will want to place a bet using your smartphone when that time comes. Sadly, not all offshore betting sites have a mobile compatibility option. So, before you decide and dedicate yourself to a website, you should ensure that the website offers mobile compatibility.

Of course, this is not a necessity. If you are not interested in placing bets on the go, feel free to disregard this suggestion. However, if you are the type of person who wants to place bets outside your home, mobile compatibility is a must.

Final Say

Next time you think about the best offshore betting sites, think about the tips we’ve given in this article and put them into practice. If you live in a state where it is legal to bet on offshore sportsbooks, these are some ways to find the best one.

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