The cannabis industry has seen an unprecedented boom in the past few years, and today, everyone is talking about CBD products. Cannabis can be quite complicated with all the natural chemicals present in it. However, that shouldn’t stress you out. CBD stands out as the magical ingredient extracted from Cannabis for several purposes. 

The health industry, in particular, is utilizing CBD products for skin care, gut care, mental health care and other medical disorders like Parkinson’s disorder and Crohn’s disease. While the whole population was getting acquainted with CBD oil and its products, FSA decided to raise awareness of the distinction between regular CBD Oil (extracted from CO2) and cold-pressed CBD oil, as if things weren’t already confusing. 

But fret not, since this article will explain everything that you need to know about the Cold pressed CBD and its significance. Let’s dive into building a thorough understanding.

What is Cold-Pressed CBD?

To begin with, let’s understand what exactly is a cold-pressed CBD. CBD is usually extracted from Cannabis leaves through a few extraction methods. One such method is ‘Cold Pressing’. Cold press extraction draws most of the naturally present cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phyto-goodness out of the Cannabis leaves. 

It is a traditional process used for centuries to separate oil-based chemical compounds from the rest of the plant waste. In contrast to today’s chemical methods, the Cold press uses low temperatures and extreme pressure to draw the most out of the plant matter to increase oil quality.

Several companies in the world still rely on this method to produce good quality oils devoid of any artificial additives. If this interests you, you can go ahead with the trend and get yourself some incredible wholesale Cold-Pressed CBD products for desired benefits. 

Difference Between Cold Press and CO2 Extraction

As previously discussed, the Cold press uses cold pressing techniques under low temperatures and high pressure to extract the oil. CO2 extraction is a bit different as it uses a Solvent Extraction technique using CO2. However, the production can result in low concentrations of cannabinoids, up to 3-4%.

The process is harsh since it involves high temperature and pressure to separate the desired compounds from the plant. This method can result in the loss of delicate compounds like terpenes.

The solvents used are usually alcohol, butane or CO2 gas to create a highly concentrated end product or decarboxylated compounds. An advantage of this process over cold pressing is that CO2 extraction can contain up to 10-20% cannabinoids, depending on the process. 

Benefits of Cold-Pressed CBD Products

Cold Pressed CBD presents countless benefits in the face of health concerns as follows:

High Bioavailability

Bioavailability might sound familiar to you if you are related to the medicinal field. But if not, let me break down the basic concept for you. Bioavailability refers to the extent of availability of something you consume to your body. For instance, if you take supplements, bioavailability determines how much quantity is actually absorbed by your body. 

High bioavailability means that your body is able to absorb higher amounts of a particular item. One of the major benefits of Cold pressed CBD over regular CBD is its high bioavailability. This means your body will absorb more CBD if it is extracted through a cold-pressed method. 

When each use provides you the maximum amount of CBD, you will reap better results. 

Good Therapeutic Effects

As we have already discussed previously, cold-pressed CBD has a high ratio of components like CBD, CBG, terpenes, flavonoids and more. The low heat prevents the loss of highly sensitive terpenes like Pinene, Myrcene, and Limonene, which work to enhance the overall effects of CBD. 

The availability of all the components and their perfect balance enhances your chances to gain even more therapeutic benefits. 

Pain Relief: 

Cold-pressed CBD is well known for its analgesic properties. Regular use can help relieve chronic pain due to its ability to interact with the pain receptors in the CNS. 

Skin Care:

Apart from the analgesic properties, CBD oil also boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to deal with the skin’s effects. It helps fight fine lines, acne, aging and certain other skin conditions like eczema. 

Mental Health:

CBD’s effects on mental health are of utmost importance. CBD today is also prescribed by healthcare professionals for stress and anxiety management. In some insomnia cases, Cold pressed CBD oil can also promote the quality of sleep. 

Wrap Up

CBD obtained from Cold extraction results in a product that is the closest to a natural plant. The balance of compounds is maintained through minimal processing, and even though Cannabinoids are in a lesser ratio, the overall effects of oil are greatly enhanced. 


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