If you are new to smoking, you may become overwhelmed by the many pipe options available to smokers. However, if you are going to smoke marijuana, it is vital to understand the different pipe types and their components, materials, and upkeep. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about marijuana smoking pipes. 

Different Types

There are many different types of marijuana smoking pipes. These pipes vary in size, shape, color, material, and convenience, but they all provide the same result. With so many different pipes available, you want to familiarize yourself with your options to ensure you have the most comfortable smoking sessions. 

Water Pipes

A bong and a bubbler are the two variations of a water pipe; both are used to obtain a smoother, filtered hit. 

A bong uses water and/or ice to filter tobacco, cannabis, and other smokable herbs. A bong consists of nine pieces.

  • Mouthpiece
  • Base
  • Ice catch
  • Downstem
  • Bowl 
  • Slide
  • Joint
  • Tube
  • Percolator

A bubbler is a smaller, more handheld version of a bong that is sometimes preferred in large groups since it is easier to pass around. In addition, since bubblers are smaller, they have fewer pieces. 

  • Stem
  • Water chamber
  • Mouthpiece 
  • Bowl


Vaporizers also come in many shapes and sizes, but all work the same way. A vaporizer is a device that vaporizes a substance for inhalation. The different types of vapes are:

  • Portable Oil Vapes- Used with oils and made up of a tank, coil, drip tip, firing button, and battery.
  • Wax Based Vape- Used with wax and made up of a mouthpiece, coil atomizer, coil connector, integrated dab tool, battery, and screw-on wax jar. 
  • Plant-Based Vaping Pen- Used with dry herb and made up of a heating chamber, battery, filter, and mouthpiece. 
  • Table-Top Vaporizes- Can be purchased for oil, wax, or dry herb and is a larger version of a traditional vape. 

Glass Blunts

A glass blunt is a small and discreet alternative to the typical blunt wrap. These devices are loaded with marijuana flower and smoked like a joint or blunt. A twist or push system is in place to keep the herb at the front of the device.

The twist devices use the same spiral system as chapstick or deodorant to bring your herb forward. 

The push devices use the same system as a push pop to bring your herb forward. 

Hand Pipe

Hand pipes are the most common smoking device because they are discreet, durable, easy to use, and have few components.

The types of hand pipes are one-hitters, spoon pipes, sherlock pipes, steam rollers, and chillums. These devices often only consist of three parts; the bowl, the carb, and the mouthpiece. Additionally, the use of a screen is optional; these are placed under your herb to help block the inhalation of plant matter. 


Pipes can be made from many different materials; here are some of the pros and cons of each. 

Wood- Wooden pipes are durable and provide a great smoking experience. However, wood is porous and quickly picks up oils, resin, and dirt. (randomtools.io)  

Glass- Glass pipes are often blown with fun colors and designs, which make them favorable to many smokers. They are also easy to clean, but since they are glass, just one drop to the ground can cause them to break.

Metal- Metal pipes are near impossible to break and incredibly easy to clean. However, as you may presume, metal pipes can get extremely hot, which can be dangerous.

Silicone- Silicone pipes are lightweight and hard to break. The issue with the silicone pieces is that they get filthy very fast and are hard to clean. Additionally, some smokers do not like the silicone texture on their mouths. 

The most preferred pipe material is glass because they are cheap, beautiful, and easy to clean. If you remember to be careful with your glass pipe, you should not have any issues with the piece. 


Proper upkeep is essential to ensure that you don’t waste your money and continue to smoke through your pipes safely. 


When you are not physically smoking out of your pipe, keep them stored in a padded box or bag, so they can’t be knocked over or broken. It would help if you kept your storage box in a place that is not easily accessible, like in a drawer.


When you see resin build up in your pipe, you should clean it immediately. The longer you wait to clean your piece, the harder it will be to clear obstructions which may result in the accidental breakage of your pipe. 

If your pipe can be disassembled, take it apart and clean each piece individually with tools like a pipe cleaner, reamer, tamper, and spike. You can use warm water and alcohol to help free the resin from your piece.

Replacement Parts

Part of the upkeep process is replacing parts as needed. Any chipped or worn-out pieces should not continue to be used. Once a screen is clogged, you should stop using it, and if your entire pipe is too hard to clean, it may be best to replace the whole piece altogether. 

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