We live in a time when online shopping is more and more practiced. With the development of technology and mobile phones, selling over the Internet has become an increasingly common way of shopping, because every mobile phone user can make a purchase at any time with a few clicks on the mobile phone. This is exactly the main reason why Google decided to make it easier for its users to buy and pay online by developing the Google Pay application. In the last few years, google pay has become one of the most used applications for online payments.

What is Google Pay and how does it work?

Google Pay is an application, or service, that allows us to pay for products and services online. It was created by merging the previous version of Google Wallet and the Android Pay platform. All that is required to use this platform is to link your bank card to your google pay account. How does it work? This platform is based on the use of NFC technology, on smartphones or watches. When a user wants to pay for a product or service, all he needs to do is touch his phone or smartwatch to the POS terminal. Certain ATMs, which support NFC technology, allow the user to withdraw money without inserting the card into the ATM, it is enough just to touch the phone or smart watch. Of course, Google Pay also enables online payments. All you need to do is, when paying on an internet site, select google pay as a payment option, of course, if that payment option is supported. How to set up google pay on your phone? It’s very simple. New phones usually already have the Google Pay app and then you only need to open the app and press + and then enter your credit card details. If you want to connect your smart watch, you need to have the Google Pay application on the watch. When you open the app on your watch, press + and then the app will direct you to the settings on your phone and then decide which card you want to use on your watch, after which you will need to enter a security code. Then the app on your smartwatch is ready to use. Another good thing, related to Google Pay, is that on your account, you can store your bonus cards, which you can use while shopping. As google pay has become global and increasingly used, many casinos have also enabled their users to make deposit payments via google pay.

What are the best Google Pay casinos in India?

Since Google Pay as a payment option is not yet available in all casinos, below we will list some of the best Google Pay casinos in India to help you choose a casino that supports this payment option.

– Paripesa – one of the best ranked casinos in India, where numerous welcome bonuses await you. Also, 150 free spins await you during your first registration. This casino supports Google Pay.

– Bigbaazi – another highly rated casino in India, with generous welcome bonuses. This casino supports Google Pay.

– Lucky Niki – one of the most popular casinos in India, with generous welcome bonuses. You will also receive 250 free spins upon first registration. This casino supports Google Pay.

– Pure casino – also one of the most popular casinos in India, where you will receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit upon first registration. This casino supports Google Pay.

– Jeetplay – a 100% first deposit bonus awaits you at this highly rated casino, as well as many other welcome bonuses. This casino supports Google Pay.

Is Google pay safe?

Google Pay is a very secure payment platform for several reasons. In order to make a payment, your phone needs to be unlocked, it is impossible to make a payment with a locked or switched off phone, and it is also possible to set the application so that when paying, you have to ‘’read’’ your fingerprint or enter a security code. When paying, the POS terminal does not receive your personal data from the bank card, but a 16-digit number. Therefore, if the terminal or the store where you pay is hacked, your personal data will remain protected. Google Pay is very concerned about the security of its users, and the protection measures will certainly get better and better in the coming period.

The Pros and Cons of Google Pay

Like everything in the world, this application also has its advantages and disadvantages, and below we will list some of the main advantages and disadvantages.


Google Pay is very simple to use;

Very safe and secure payment platform;

Very fast depositing funds to your casino account;

Free transactions;

An increasing number of casinos are choosing to support this payment system;

App available for Android as well as most Apple devices.


You cannot withdraw money from your casino account via Google Pay;

The application is not available for windows;

Still relatively few casinos support this payment method.

It is certain that this form of payment will become even more popular, which will lead to most casinos allowing deposits to be made through google pay, as well as the option to withdraw money using this application. We hope that this information was useful to you and that you learned everything you were interested in. If you still have any doubts, we suggest you talk to someone who already uses GPay, so you can get first-hand information.

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