While many people complain about having cold sores, freckles, and sunspots, there are others facing chronic eczema. Most common skin conditions have plenty of home remedies that you can Google up and start working on right away. But if you have something as pervasive as eczema, you will definitely need an effective treatment that lasts. CBD oil for eczema is a magic solution that can treat your life long struggle with this skin condition gradually but effectively.

What is eczema?

If you have just noticed your skin red and itchy, but don’t know what exactly it could be, you might have eczema. The skin condition is medically called Atopic dermatitis. Unlike other skin conditions like sunspots, freckles, and melasma, these reoccur and didn’t have a definitive cure until now.

There are no specific reasons that cause eczema because it is not infectious. But it makes you suffer a lot and you need immediate care.

Symptoms of eczema

The following points will help you understand if the skin condition you have is eczema or not. The symptoms of eczema are:

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Raised bumps with clear fluid
  • Irritated red patches
  • Cracked, thick or scaly skin

Eczema happens to 20% of children and 3% of adults. It usually happens when there is a malfunction in your immune system or if you have a genetic inclination.

What is CBD?

CBD is an element found in Marijuana and hemp plant. It is not one of those components that ‘gives a high’ when people smoke weed, so it is safe to use. CBD is high in anti-inflammatory properties and is extracted and processed as an oil to treat eczema. The sale of best CBD capsules as a medicinal property became legal in 2018. This is why you can have easy access and treat your skin condition.

How CBD oil for eczema works?

When you have eczema, your skin becomes dry, red, and itchy. You have a constant irritation but there is no complete cure to this recurring skin condition. Over the years, doctors recommended steroid creams to heal eczema. However, the results come with side effects and don’t promise a complete cure.

After years of research and studies, the National Eczema Association stated that the anti-microbial properties in CBD heal eczema entirely. It triggered the need to write the first-ever dermatology book on cannabis and its contribution to skin treatment.

CBD oil is available at local pharmacies that sufferers of eczema must apply topically and gradually heal the condition. It also cures itchiness and redness caused due to the skin condition.

CBD oil vs. CBD cream

Although there are many creams sold in the market, you should choose CBD oil instead of the cream. The creams are formulated to reduce muscle pain and usually have menthol as an ingredient. It can burn your eczema and worsen the condition.

CBD oil for eczema works internally but you still need to check the ingredients before buying a product. The oil soaks into your skin and soothes itchiness and redness. It might take a week or two, but it does heal eczema and prevents reoccurring.

Benefits of using CBD oil

CBD oil has been used traditionally from times unknown. Its impact on treating eczema was discovered recently, but it has much more to it. CBD oil can cure different types of pain. The medical community is constantly researching on this, but there are some proven facts already that determines the results below:

1. Cures arthritis pain

According to a study done by the European Journal of Pain, CBD can reduce arthritis. The study was done on an animal model to ensure that it works on humans. Researchers used a topical gel made of CBD on rats for four days straight. There was a significant drop in the level of inflammation and signs of pain. They didn’t have additional side effects.

Arthritis patients use CBD oil to cope up with the condition and to gradually heal it. They get relief from pain and there have been many findings to prove this statement correct.

2. Multiple sclerosis

MS or Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects people’s brain and nervous system. Sufferers have muscle spasms as a common symptom. It leads to disability and constant pain.

According to the report, CBD oil can reduce levels of spasticity in a person suffering from MS. However, the results are not good enough to cure the condition completely. CBD helps reduce symptoms of MS and researchers are trying harder to make it a better use for MS sufferers.

3. Chronic pain

CBD works well to reduce chronic pain. Many researchers complied this result after covering plenty of studies and trials. The research showed that CBD reduces chronic pain in adults.

A study was done by the Journal of Experimental Medicine to prove this. The results had positive impacts on reducing inflammation and pain.

Researchers also found that patients gradually grow their tolerance towards CBD, so they can increase the dose with time. Researchers are trying to find more ways to use CBD to reduce chronic pain.

4. More uses

In the US, the usage of CBD oil differs from one state to another depending on the legality. However, it has a range of usage in many parts with promising possibilities like:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Drug withdrawal
  • Treating anxiety
  • Healing epilepsy and seizures
  • Reducing effects of dementia
  • Antipsychotic impacts on people who have schizophrenia
  • Fighting acne
  • Reducing symptoms of type 1 diabetes
  • Reducing the possibility of cancer

Even the best uses of CBD oil are still under research, it is shaping up as a potential medicine with versatile treatments. The US Food and Drug Administration approved one type of CBD usage for people who have Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. These are both types of epilepsy that can reduce by consuming the medicinal brand of CBD called Epidiolex.

Final thoughts

It is inevitable that cannabis has medicinal benefits, and the usage of CBD oil for eczema proves it yet again. Along with that, there are so many uses of CBD that makes it a potential medicine to rely on. It is time you find the best oil or consult a doctor to know which product would suit you best.

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