Our freedom ends where the freedom of the other person begins. But within the conditional circle, we are free to create a harmonious environment, the basis for love, happiness, and confidence. Here is how people protect their inner freedom.

The Essence of Inner Freedom

Inner freedom is a state when a person, in spite of the prevailing circumstances, acts only by his own choice and reason. He keeps betting at 22Bet, going to parties, and listening to unusual music, even if his relatives dislike such activities. By the way he has formed relationships with other people, it becomes clear how free he is. But how exactly do people protect their inner freedom, keep negativity out, and become happy?

Being a full member of society, being engaged in work and family, it’s hardly possible to protect yourself from these or those circumstances, but to strive for inner freedom is still necessary. But how much of this freedom is needed is a personal matter for everyone. Many people are afraid of responsibility and are ready to depend on others, not to make any decisions, but to have an opportunity to suffer, to cry, and this is quite enough for them to feel the fullness of life. But what is it filled with? Nothing but negativity, unpleasant experiences, some kind of unbearable burden of stereotypes and dogmas. Perhaps this isn’t the freedom one dreams of.

How do people defend their inner freedom? Indeed, an internally free person lives as his heart prompts him, forgetting the outdated rules of decades ago. He gives himself to his emotions boldly, does not look for faults in people, is not afraid of rapidly changing events, and accepts them as a given. The desire to “conform” makes one hostage to certain general rules that take away one’s freedom.

In general, people strive to protect their inner freedom because without it, it’s impossible to feel really happy. And everyone has his own idea of happiness, and this is normal. Some people like to work hard, for others laziness is their favorite state, and some people are born mathematicians, they love to use their brains. Everyone’s abilities and passions are different. And it’s the internally free man who will dare to do what he likes. It’s unfortunate to note, but most individuals build their lives according to imposed stereotypes and rules.

Inner freedom isn’t a feeling available to everyone. People who try to defend their inner freedom are usually met with incomprehension and even condemnation for trying to live contrary to the common norms.

Freedom does not mean, for example, being able to go out wherever you like or choosing your own friends. It is a broader concept. Everyone probably wants to feel internally free, but there are a number of factors that will stand in your way.

Constraints to Inner Freedom

Achieving freedom is a colossal work on yourself, it isn’t enough just to want it. In general, a certain inner freedom, perhaps, is in every person, but some people feel it stronger, others – weaker. Of course, one can try to develop this state.

There are a number of factors that will get in the way along the way:

  • Moral standards. They may be fictitious, but they are there, and for many they are a serious hindrance.
  • Peculiarities of upbringing. Since childhood, a person is indoctrinated some dogmas and rules, which often give rise to great incompetence. Some are only mildly affected, while others have received the “full force”. (bolingbrookmasjid.com) And parents are the main bearers of the “truth”. It is them who put prohibitions in the heads of children, which for years then prevent them from continuing to live normally. What is more, when they grow up, they instill the same “ironclad rules” in their children, violating their privacy and preventing them from thinking for themselves. To be different is seen as something terrible and horrible. Some people may have the courage to resist their elders and free themselves from their pressure, but the result most often is complete misunderstanding and a tense situation in the family.
  • Childhood traumas of a psychological nature. They always prevent already adult people from defending their inner freedom, to live the way they want and enjoy it.
  • Family traditions. They have to adhere to, otherwise the relationship with your loved ones may be completely destroyed.
  • Artificially created restrictions. Such manifestations are characteristic of ideological personalities.
  • Comparisons with others. Often people tend to belittle their own merits in doing so, due to which they cannot feel fully happy or free.

Ways to Become Internally Free

Personal freedom implies a firm adherence to one’s own beliefs. It is not easy to adhere steadfastly to certain principles and ideals, but it is worth fighting for freedom. A person in his life should not somehow adjust to others, try to be comfortable, etc. How can people protect their inner freedom?

  • Always have your own point of view on any situation. It is not superfluous to listen to what others say, but decisions should be made consciously, without succumbing to the influence of society, authority figures or some external circumstances.
  • Train your willpower. This will come in handy sooner or later in life.
  • Love and respect yourself as a person, understand the value of your own health, time, certain interests and goals. Is it possible to talk about inner freedom without this?
  • Constantly engage in the formation of your own self, learn and study your desires and needs. And it’s not just about favorite foods, books or clothes. It’s about inner self-perception, thoughts, aspirations, opportunities. It’s also important to figure out under whose influence all of this comes together.
  • Learn not to get attached. Because any attachment necessarily restricts freedom. For a person to find inner freedom it is very important to understand that it is a priori given to everyone from birth, you just need to accept it, not limit it by clinging to some imaginary attachments.
  • It’s a great mistake to try all your life to “conform” to some imposed standards and attitudes. Freedom implies the full discovery of one’s own possibilities without limitations or conditional prohibitions.

A person can decide for himself how to react and what to do. For example, people are often offended or angry at unpleasant words, and when they lose something, they get upset. And few realize that all these emotions are manifested purely out of habit, but meanwhile, instead of resentment and anger, you can react quite differently, as you yourself would like. 

First, identify a few life beliefs, through which you will be able to look at people and events around you differently. Remember that whatever happens – it’s needed for something, even if you cannot immediately understand why. The Universe knows what it’s doing, so never worry too much about upsetting your plans.

Second, learn to react positively to any situation. Even if the first thing you have experienced is anger, dissatisfaction, anger, know that you can immediately change everything, look at the event from a different angle and see the pluses in it. Over time, you will learn how to do this and even begin to enjoy your own experience. Pleasant emotions, that is, happiness, joy, love, appreciation will come on their own, and you will forget all about the negativity.

Get rid of bad thoughts, they are the source of negative emotions. Never take seriously all the thoughts that swirl in your head. Some of them are really serious, some of them are “nothing”, but there are thoughts that are really harmful. You mean when you idealize the world, divide people into good and bad, and stifle your own freedom.

People who defend their inner freedom try to expand the range of their reactions and actions. Develop the habit of not judging anyone for anything at all and of taking everything that happens around you calmly. What started out well may end badly. The rule also works in reverse order. Everything that life sends, for something, look at any events philosophically, study them, learn lessons for yourself. You’ll really be freer when you learn to accept any messages from the universe as they come.

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