Do you want to make the garden of your home look amazing?  If yes, then you should use the best quality of tools so that it would be easier for you to keep all the plants and crops in shape. Shovels, Sprayers and there are many more important tools which you should own if you want to ensure proper growth of the plants in your garden. Whether you are a gardener or you are a homeowner, you should definitely own garden sprayer which is used for killing weeds in the garden. The herbicides and pesticides can be sprayed with the use of this item. This tool can work for a long time and that’s why you don’t need to think about wasting money while buying garden sprayer because it would be always useful to you to keep the plants happy and healthy in every situation.  When you use this device for a long time, then it needs to get cleaned and you can take the following steps to get it cleaned instantly.

Finish the tank

At first, you need to remove the pesticide or any other solution from it. It would be better if you fill it up as required when you are spraying pesticides on plants. These kinds of solutions can get expired and that’s why you need to remove the older one.

Always clean the sprayer after every single use

Whenever you use the sprayer in your garden, you should clean it after every single use. Cleaning it regularly won’t let the debris get stuck inside it and then you won’t even face problem while cleaning it.

Flush it with using ammonia-based solution

You can put the ammonia cleaning solution in the sprayer and then it can be cleaned when you will use the spray on herbicides. If you don’t want to use ammonia solution, then you can go for the simple soap solution as it can also work well to clean it. You can leave the garden sprayer all night by putting soap or ammonia solution in it. This would break all of the debris and residue which might have stuck into it.  

Next morning, you can spray the whole solution in plants to prevent the pests and weeds to enter your ground. After you use the sprayer, you need to fill it again with the hot water and spray it again so that it can get cleaned properly. You can use a small brush to clean the parts like nozzle, wand, and hose of the sprayer. By using soapy water, you can clean all of the parts of the sprayer effectively. Make sure that you wear protective gloves while doing this task.

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