Online casino is a platform on the vast Internet where users from all over the world regularly spend their time gambling and who only need a computer, laptop or mobile gadget, and of course – a stable connection to the network for uninterrupted access to the site.

Virtual gambling sites have become very popular in recent years, because they combine three important factors – the safety of players, a vast range of entertainment with regularly updated slots from world famous developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and others, and the third most important point – is to provide bonuses, which distinguishes online casinos from floor gambling establishments.
For example, a player can get free spins register card uk at the creation of his personal account and identity verification. About how to get free spins, as well as their purpose for both the casino company and the players, and their benefits will be discussed in this article.

What are free spins at online casinos and why are they needed?

Free spins, or freespins, are a type of bonus available at a casino. Freespins are free spins on slot machines. The administration of the casino gives bets directly, and if successful, the profit is transferred to the balance of the winner. Free spins are most often given as a bonus from the casino to consumers.

Freespins can only be used on video slots and slot machines, and they cannot be withdrawn from the player’s account or the game. The casino makes the bets and the reels spin for free, giving you the opportunity to earn real money.

Let’s find out why a casino company gives freespins to their players. Note that the freespins are not limited to the gift for registration – which is most often written in their promotional banners online casinos on the Internet, as well as free spins the user receives the opportunity to acquire and the remaining stages of their participation in the virtual casino.

First, free spins, issued at registration by the casino company to new users, promote interest in the gambling site and when you receive a generous bonus – for example, the amount of the bonus can be deposit 5 get bonus casino , make a positive first impression.

The player gets the opportunity to enter the game and start your way to the site gambling on the most favorable terms, because the bonus when you use it in the slots, you can try out for yourself the functionality of the site, the ease of navigation, the quality of work, the range of entertainment offered. A high probability is that the user will show interest in the platform after their first win and will want to add real money to their deposit balance in order to try their luck again.

Casino companies are trying to popularize getting free spins exactly after the implemented registration procedure, since registration and verification are the fundamental steps in joining a new customer to the casino website. The reason is simple: a gambling company receives absolutely legally and securely the necessary personal information of the user, which will subsequently be used to share with the player news about new slots that have just appeared in the casino, ready to try out, advertise available bonuses and, in case of problems on the part of the customer – be able to contact him.

How to get freespins on a casino website

We will now find out in detail how you can get freespins both for a new player who has just registered and for an already active user of the gambling site.

Registration Freespins

As mentioned above, various casino companies specifically advertise getting freespins for registering, with the same good purpose. However, when receiving them, a player must be familiar with the conditions of their wagering: this information must necessarily be in the bonus policy on the gambling services website.

Free spins are only awarded to one account, which excludes the option of registering multi-accounts for each of the player’s family members, neighbours and friends. In some cases, the user may even be asked to undergo verification and provide some identification documents to rule out the possibility of abusing the free bonus.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the wagering requirements of the bonus received according to the wager: the wager determines the required certain number of times the bonus is wagered.

The maximum bet for wagering the bonus is usually no more than 5 euros. To withdraw your bonus, you may need to make a deposit; ask the casino to check your personal information and then obtain and store your online wallet or bank account number.

Deposit Freespins

To get a deposit freespin, you must follow the same steps as for registration, but in addition you must deposit the game account for the amount specified in the promotion terms.

It should be borne in mind that many bonus freespins have a certain usage period. Players must take this into account and observe it in their personal cabinet. If you do not use the freespins within the established period, they are cancelled, because they can only be used in certain types of games (the list is set by the casino). By paying attention to this requirement, the player can get the most out of the slot.

Loyalty / Cashback system

Regular visitors who regularly play slots at some virtual casinos are rewarded with free spins, which act as a bonus. This is a component of the loyalty system, which involves giving a certain number of free spins to the player as a motivational tool, thus inspiring the player to deposit again and again in order to enjoy the euphoria of gameplay and experience the thrill of gambling again and again.
Free spins in this way can be obtained on special days designated by the gambling company. Promotional offer to receive them will be sent to the player, for example, an email. For example, get 50 free spins for depositing on Wednesday, October 15.


To summarize all of the above, a big advantage of an online casino and what makes it special is the bonus program, the most popular of which is a certain amount of free spins. Free spins provide an opportunity to test the site and the range of gambling entertainment offered, to put the player in the company of gambling, as a result – make him make a deposit again and again, and make him a regular customer. Nevertheless, freespins are an extremely beneficial and convenient gift, and we advise every gambling fan to take advantage of them.

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