If you’re someone who enjoys playing casino games, you’ll know it’s not possible to win every time, and that there are some occasions you just have to put down to experience. To be a (generally) successful bettor means accepting that it’s not always going to be your day, and knowing how to deal with that. You need a level head if you’re going to make a go of online casino gaming.

Of course, some things are easier said than done, and from the best online casino to the most basic at-home poker game, having discipline is something that you need to work on. There are countless people whose motto is something along the lines of “Find me a good loser, and I’ll find you a loser” – but if you don’t treat losing as a learning experience, you can be sure that you’re going to get a lot more opportunities to experience defeat. The following, then, are some lessons designed to help you keep on top of your emotions when playing.

Things can always get worse

When things aren’t swinging your way, there is a human instinct to say to yourself “Well, I’ve come this far and lost this much; I might as well go all-in, what have I got to lose?”. The answer is that as long as you’ve got any bankroll at all, there’s always more you can lose. Sticking to your guns in the hope that your luck will turn is a tactically naive approach – statistically, there is no reason that the next hand, the next spin, the next bet is more likely to come off than the one before. If things aren’t going right, you need to have the clarity of mind to say “Maybe tomorrow”, and count your blessings that you haven’t been cleaned out.

If a game is supposed to pay out, don’t assume it will be to you

If you’re playing slots at a casino, the smart move is to pick the ones with the higher RTP, as theoretically these are the ones most likely to pay out. However, there is many a cautionary tale of the slot that’s supposed to pay out but never seems to do so for anyone you know. This doesn’t mean its RTP is a lie; it just means that you haven’t got it to pay out and your anecdotal evidence isn’t a demonstration of anything other than bad luck. It also doesn’t mean that just because you haven’t got it to pay out in nine attempts, the tenth will be any more fortunate than the others. Yes, it’s bound to pay out at some point, but there’s no rule that says it has to be to you.

Every once in a while, enjoy your wins

If you’re treating betting as a job, there will be times that it feels like you’re obliged to go and play, and if it doesn’t come off you have to double down and “make” your own luck. Equally, when you win, you may come to feel like it’s just been a successful day at the grindstone and nothing to get excited about. But winning in a casino is a very positive thing, and sometimes you need to see it as an uncomplicatedly positive experience. Take some of your winnings, have a nice dinner, treat yourself or someone special and reflect on that good fortune. Only by embracing the positive can we keep a phlegmatic, positive outlook when things are a bit more negative.

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