Feb 10, 2024

The ICC Test World Cup is one of the oldest forms of cricket. It is also considered one of the most difficult game types in terms of skill. This championship also gives fans and experts a great opportunity to enjoy the game. As a result, Parimatch has simplified betting on the Test Championship.


The ICC Test World Cup brings together the best Test cricket teams for even more emotions. There are many options and markets for each game in the series.

Visit the Parimatch website to learn more about other betting options and increase your chances of winning.


One of the most popular options on Parimatch is to bet on the winner of the championship. Many fans support India to win this tournament. You can make your own decision based on available statistics and select your favorite team on Parimatch.


You can also bet on the three-way market. A bet on team 1 winning the match or team 2 or even a draw. Many interesting options are also available to you.


Another attractive market is the ability to bet on totals. For example, you can predict that the total number of runs in a test match will be even or odd. If you choose odd, you can only win if the total is odd (3, 5, 7…). Also, you only win when the total is even if you selected even.

All Test matches and series have different betting options. This feature usually depends on the game and the matches. Check the Parimatch website to see all the options available for any match.

What are the forecasts

Any bettor – experienced or beginner – has the opportunity to get ICC predictions for free or pay a certain amount for them. It is impossible to unequivocally say which method is better, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Free forecasts are developed on the same basis and principles as paid forecasts. But many players instinctively distrust free information that they believe is unreliable or does not fully meet the player’s goals. It cannot be argued that free forecasts are worse than paid ones. 

For example, most bookmakers have their own analytical centers, which are staffed by specialists with extensive work experience. They issue free predictions, which should be trusted if only because the bookmakers will not harm their own customers, as they can be left without them and lose their reputation.

Free predictions can be shared on social networks, on Internet forums dedicated to ICC betting, as well as acquaintances and friends. Whether to trust such forecasts 100%, as well as to believe in their accuracy and impartiality is a personal matter of each client.

Paid forecasts are usually offered by specialists who highly value their knowledge and skills. However, the Internet is an insidious thing. Without verification, it is impossible to understand who is an honest analyst or a fraudster who seeks to replenish his wallet at the expense of users of bookmakers.

You can protect yourself from mistakes and scammers by checking the ratings of analysts and reviews of their work from real users.

How to apply soccer prediction for betting

It is safest to use ICC predictions from professionals obtained from bookmakers. They are provided free of charge and rarely fail, because BC specialists are keenly interested in attracting new customers. The more often the bookmaker’s predictions come true, the more new users he will have. So it’s best for beginners to start using this kind of free betting information.

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